How Despicable! Minions serving Banking Sector. BoB (Bank of Baroda), just one of them. Stuart, Kevin and others still abound.



How Despicable! Minions serving Banking Sector. BoB (Bank of Baroda) is just one of them. Stuart, Kevin and others still abound.

One thing that the lay observer notices as the adage goes. That the more things change, the more they seem to remain the same. The mismanagement and process violations that marked the KingFisher / Vijay Mallya story keep re-surfacing. They have really not alerted honchos managing India’s banks. Many of our Managers/ Leaders are literal paradoxes. They seem to be minions. They don’t wish to or are unable to stand up for what is right.

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Or maybe, they know fully well all the dust/ dirt that they have been routinely sweeping/ made to sweep under the carpet. Hence they must be taking personal care to ensure they hold it down firmly….., the carpet that is.  It is sad to see India’s ‘Governance stakeholders’  either conniving or looking the other way to help the unscrupulous make a killing. The irony is that these same minions become messengers of death for our poor farmers, grappling with multiple vagaries in their eco-system as the figure below portrays.

How despicable! 🙁

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Courtesy: The Ambani and Adani clans, long perceived to be under favour of the BJP regime seem to be facing heat in the wake of the current scams. Whether this government will be able to do the right thing by Law, time will tell…..

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