No dilly-dallying by Delhi on Dalai Llama; NRAI Cooking to Take Zom Swig; Didi’s Tragedy, No Comedy Show


No More Dilly-dallying By Delhi on Dalai Lama

TiBet or Not TiBet is the Question no more clouding the Government of India. The Prime Minister, Mr Modi has in the last few years given ample evidence of his openness to build bridges (his surprising, ‘in person’ birthday wishes to then Pak PM). He has also given proof of his ability to look antagonists in the eye or ignore them as may be the case. Ignoring CPC’s centenary celebration, while wishing the US’ Independence Day. He has now raised the bar for India showing stronger purpose in its foreign policy.

Genuine Shanghai Spirit or Just illiXit Brew ?

Possibly for the first time ever since Nehru handed over Tibet and the UN Security Council seat on a platter to China, an Indian Prime Minister has openly acknowledged wishing the Dalai Lama on His Holiness’ birthday. Mr Modi has not really pushed the envelope thus far, despite Jinping’s Xiamless violation (forget non-reciprocation) of all neighbourly protocol. The Shanghai Spirit seems only to remind us of the reek of illiXit brew. Just as well that India has a teetotaller with Saatvic habits at the helm. Heady fumes may dis-orient lesser mortals.

What’s Cooking? NRAI Taking Zom Swig    

The brick and mortar restaurants of India have for long been protesting against the deep discounts they have to pass on to the aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. They have even tried to boycott some premium features of these apps in the past. Now, one of the industry organizations, NRAI (National Restaurants Association of India) representing more than ‘500,000 members and an industry valued at 5 Billion USD is working on its own app.

If the app’s user interface is fine and the delivery arm is well oiled, Zomato and Swiggy may need to be worried. At the end of the day, what the consumer/ customer pays for is the taste of the food and the convenience of getting it. If the new app doesn’t leave a bad taste in the ordering/ delivery process, Customers would surely be NRAIsted.

No Comdey Show This, Didi’s Tragedy

One of the darlings of the Chinese new economy industry, Didi has fallen foul of the law or the CCP or those who run it. It is all the same, if you Xi what I mean. As long as you toe the line of the government of the party and do not spoil the party of those running the party and the government, you may function even through procedural hail and storm.

But as Jack Ma has also learnt, one can never be too sure. The same advice of good commerce and private enterprise policy that China was trying to teach India (in the wake of the Tik Tok ban) has been thrown out the door by the dragon. Companies like Didi that are listed in the US market are seeing their prices tumble. Crackdown may also be a good ploy before Beijing stocks at bargain value. Hail Hitler!