Cyclone Brewing in the BUREVI of Bengal


Cyclone Burevi

Cyclone Burevi, so named by Maldives is developing in the Bay of Bengal. Burevi is named after a species of mangroves found in the Maldives. This is from a list of names provided by the countries in the Indian Ocean/ Bay of Bengal Region.

BUREVI is Brewing

Cyclone Burevi is expected to make landfall around the fourth of December. It is likely to hit the southern part of Tamil Nadu. There is more prepared-ness for these situations these days. The formation of the National Disaster Recovery Force helps. But any natural event like this obviously has the potential to cause a lot of socio-economic distress.

Never Say Nivar Again

A couple of things have made it easier for us to ‘look forward‘ to Burevi.(If the term looking forward to may indeed be used for a situation as this. Ni Varu Vaaya?) One is that its elder sibling, Cyclone Nivar faded away without showing much ferocity. It gives much hope to the otherwise hapless common folk, very vulnerable to nature’s fury. The other is that the authorities believe that Burevi may not be as potent as Nivar.


Not All Misfortune Brewed In The Bay of Bengal

Tamil Nadu has long been used to Cyclones which take a toll of human lives. And the Bay of Bengal does brew some monstrous ones. But there is a bigger monster that ‘plays with the lives’ of the vulnerable. The addiction to the produce of Breweries of a different kind.

One Liquid, a Basic Need. Another, A Base ‘Want’

At a physiological level, Water is a basic need of life. Liquor surely not a need, often a luxury, because it costs us much more than we realize. In any case, it is only a ‘want‘. But liquor may not be dismissed so lightly too, however heavy the pressures it puts on millions of affected lives. It is a major revenue generator for the economy.

Breweries Keep Churning Out Their Produce

Whether it is the Bay of Bengal or one of a more ‘baser’ kind, breweries would keep producing the cyclones of their choice. Cool Chilli’s Views on this or that may have little influence on the output of that or this. Hoping Burevi nivar says ‘Die!’ either in Sri Lanka or India. One of the episodes of the TV serial of childhood years ‘Some Mothers Do Have Them‘ ends with the saying, “It Is An Ill-Wind That Blows Nobody Any Good”. Not sure whether the breweries of Bengal or Bharath may be accused of that too!