Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’- Deepika Kumari, World No 1 in archery


Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’

India and surely other socio-economies of the world need to take more note of the activities and achievements of women. Whether Indian women salvaging a test match in England or Deepika Kumari getting back the World No 1 title with her three golds in the World Archery Championships, we need to see more celebrations around them. Surely, we are progressing, but a lot more needs to be done. As consumers of news or as viewers/ spectators, we should also support.

WFH – Work From Home leads to more Worry Free Husbands?  

One of the good things that has happened thanks to the pandemic, is the increasing prevalence of Work From Home as a viable option. Many enlightened enterprises are looking at it as a significant aspect of the future for the various benefits it brings. One impact of WFH is for those husbands (whether occupied or otherwise) whose wives are also Working From Home. Positively speaking, they have to worry less about the commuting pains of their wives. The other not so welcome side is that they are more under the Wife’s Watchful eye. In many cases, a Big Brother surveillance state may not be as suffocating as a Spouse’s veiled glances and words. We winsome, we lose some. However winsome the wife, we may wish her to work from office sometimes.  

A Fresh Fugitive Case To Enliven Our Conversations

We cannot fault Mehul Uncle too much. He has surely tried. Regaling us with spicy diamond-sions to his story. No uncle may stud himself better. Having an escapade, adding a mistress to his multi-faceted persona etc. But we need not worry for long. Just as the Nirav, Mehul and Mallya are almost Choksi-ng on the last few available legal life lines, we get Sandesh (message) of fresh cases.

Topping the Frauds 100 List

The two Sandesara brothers, it is alleged have defrauded Indian PSUs of Rs 15,000 Crores. Far from Sterling (Biotech) actions or sandesh, one may say. Surely by the volume of the amount, the Sandesara brothers have surpassed the others. Sadly they may have begun business, wishing to see themselves high in Forbes India 100 list. Call it misFortune or a government machinery that has woken up, Frauds India 100 is the list they are currently topping. They may have had their Chetan-wani (warnings) in the past, but there’s Nitin they can do about it now.