“Do Come Home and discuss”: Bombay House to Docomo

"Do Come Home and discuss": Bombay House to Docomo
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“Do Come Home and discuss”, Bombay House to Docomo

Cyrus Mistry is out of Bombay House and Ratan Tata is back at the helm of the Tata Sons’ Board. Cyrus had been aggressive on the partnership with NTT Docomo. Under Mistry, the Tatas had refused (citing RBI Guidelines) to pay NTT the more than $1 Billion arbitral award.   Now,  Cyrus is out and Ratan Tata back in the driver’s seat. It was only to be expected that Tata would bring out the peace pipes sooner than later.

As seen in reports in the media, feelers have already been sent to the NTT Docomo team.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

One wonders how Ratan Tata will now be able to work around the RBI guidelines. One also wonders how the London Court of International Arbitration would have passed judgements which may be in conflict with the Laws of the Land wherein the business had been or is being transacted. We need to understand more. Hopefully the coming days will clear the mist around the subject. The ruse (RBI guidelines) may just be shelved with a sigh! The way Ratan says ‘sayonara‘ would have a say on the Tata aura as well!

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