Bogota is Out of the Bog, Amen !

columbia Bogota out of the Bog Go Real Ah Marx isnt anyway
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Bogota is Out of the Bog, Amen! Good times for Colombia.

The NewsTikka team feels extremely happy for Colombia as would most other global citizens.  This news strengthens our belief that there is still much to be hopeful about, with Humanity. One of the longest ‘civil wars/insurgencies/Marxist movements’ is coming to a bloodless end. The Government of this South American nation has signed a truce with the

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC), the major Marxist rebel group.

The rebels began their fight a century ago with the best of reasons which was to get better rights for the peasants and the less privileged citizens of Colombia, who suffered from abuse of power by the landed and the elite. Somewhere the fight which began with noble cause had degenerated into multiple criminal activities including drug running. Productivity and peace of a few generations lost to mindless civil strife.

Global Efforts and the Faith of FARC in the face of farce

The efforts of the current Colombian President Mr Santos and neutral countries including Norway and Britain are noteworthy. However we should also spare a thought for the courage and trust shown by the Marxist Guerrillas themselves, helped of course by the Marxism which failed them and made them dis-enchanted. They may have started thinking, “Go Real Ah! Marx isn’t, anyway”. But its important to note that the FARC has chosen to overlook history and the farce played on them by the then Columbian Government in the mid 1980’s. Many Marxists surrendered in good faith in 1985 and wished to contest polls, responding to Bogota’s call to give up arms and join mainstream politics. What happened later, however, was abominable, as paramilitary forces eliminated more than 3000 Marxists.

As Cool Chilli believes, Hope, Peace and Love triumphs in the long run. Amen!

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Bogota out of the Bog, Go Real Ah! Marx isn't anyway
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