Celebrating Woman! Cool Chilli thanks favours by Women on International Women’s Day. The many flavours of Womankind on IWD.



International Women’s Day 

This post is Cool Chilli’s ‘take’ on IWD, by thanking the women in his life. This may seem different from the typical Views on News that NewsTikka.com normally dishes out to its audience. And rightly so. But this is Cool Chilli’s way of thanking all those Women who have in some way been responsible for the ‘Evolution’ of Cool Chilli and thereby NewsTikka.com itself!! 

It would be arrogant of Chilli to think the process (is) complete. Besides arrogance, one may also perhaps indicate possible redundancy for all these wonderful souls who have worked/ are working hard. The last thing one wishes in these uncertain times is give a feeling of ‘not required’ to anyone, least of all these lovely women who have shaped one to this extent. πŸ™‚ Hence girls, please continue the good work πŸ™‚

Thanks again to one and all of these Angels on Earth. They have made Life far more palatable and joyous for ‘Man’. Cool Chilli celebrates Woman as Mother, Daughter, Friend, Sparring-partner, etc. Hope the World becomes a better place for Woman.

As the Manusmriti says, “….Where Women are respected and loved, there the Gods dwell…..” . If you ask me the Manusmriti (if one reads carefully) has itself said God is Woman. Any doubts?

The Various Favours Taken by Chilli

A1 – Women’s Womb. The rental for which can never be paid enough

A2 – Women’s Second Favour – Manna from heaven, Maternal flavor!

B – Grandma playing mother as working widow earns the family bread

C- Elder Sister steps in between chilli and bully

D- ‘Hell hath no fury as a woman/classmate scorned.’ Beware before confiding in classmate, especially girls πŸ™‚  πŸ™‚

E -wise words from a well meaning teacher

F – Adolescence runs riot amidst Assay of avenues of advantage (for the future)

G – The Vows of  Hindu Marriage

H – Getting Educated again. The daughter as doyen of Dos and Don’ts

I- Colleagues and Partners in Progress…Cool Chilli thanks the two lovely ladies for making NewsTikka.com part of their journey….Their company is fun!


In ending, one wishes to touch upon li’l Sis. Her story is almost allegorical……Of the plight women may find themselves in. Also a tale of the perseverence and positivity that Women are capable of,  to overcome circumstances. This is a tale one is never tired of telling, especially to parents worked up and putting pressure on their kids for studies.

Sis lost our father very young, which was psychologically very scarring. She bravely (though traumatically) grappled with the family’s expectations at studies despite her obvious hatred for Maths. After high school, she took up Arts (to avoid Maths) and ended up a University Gold Medal-ist.

Such is Woman!