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AppLause in India and AppLoss for China

China has started threatening India to revoke the ban on Chinese Applications. Too early maybe for us to expect the dragon to resort to supplications. The world's bully has hitherto been...

Saithan Killed Them @ Sathankulam. Mystery Shrouds the Murder.

No arrests have been made thus far in the deaths of the Father and Son at Sathankulam....... The authorities are still searching for the Saithan (Devil). The same mysterious creature suspected of being behind the deaths of Jayaraj and Fenix.....

Custodial Death in Police Stations

Custodial Deaths in Police Station are scary to say the least. Scary for the common man and leaders alike.

India China border stand-off. Don’t blink; let bullies think!

India has decided not to blink on the border, especially the ones bordering India.

Manster – this animal needs to evolve! Pregnant Elephant killed with crackers inside...

The anagram of Animals is Man Ails. What has happened in Kerala is another manifestation of this ailment.
the race for the corona vaccine. who will bell the covid? Kaun Banega Corona pati.

Who Will Bell the Covid? The Race for the Vaccine. Kaun Banega Corona-pati?

The race is on... One that is not about being the fastest, strongest, smartest etc, but one about Survival..and survival they say is of the fittest. Which vaccine will fit the bill?

Corona Virus Infection Curve – A tale of 2 ‘L’s

The decision to open up sales of Liquor has come under heavy criticism. The Honourable High Court of Madras has also annulled the decision of the TN Government.
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New Chief Justice says, ‘Run for Jan’. We say ‘Way to Go, guy “

His Lordship, the new Chief Justice of India, Shri Ranjan Gogoi has struck a blow for the masses (Jan in Hindi). He has done away with the practice of 'mentioning' in The Supreme...

And Tony applauds, “Gut there is India”

Mr. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has lauded India's multilateralism, efforts for World Peace and its Leadership on Sustainability Initiatives. "Good, there is India", he says. Mr Guterres is on...

Sabarimala – The Supreme Court opens (for women), The Supreme’s Court

In a Landmark judgement, the Supreme Court has ruled that all women (irrespective of their age and thereby their fertility status) may enter the Lord Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala, Kerala.