Tuesday, January 31, 2023



The Indian Tan gets a bad bLeach as the Bess team wins the First...

Joe Root planted himself ..AndHerSons & Sibleyngs
 Stoke(s) Her Majesty's Pride;
 The Indian tan left with a bad bLeach
with the Bess Team's win!

May this LOTUS POTUS-ition with Biden & Kamala usher in peace all around! Aam,...

The New POTUS Takes Oath Mr Joe Biden takes oath as the new POTUS (President of the United States). This brings the curtains down on one of...

Cyclone Nivar, NiVar(u vaaya?) – Are You Coming?

Cyclone Nivar In Tamil, the oldest known language on earth, Ni-var-u-Vaaya is a question, "Are You Coming?". Of course, this question is normally asked in a friendly and receptive manner; for example, a man checking whether his beloved will make the rendezvous without fail. Or, a person wishing his or her friend/ relative to visit and confirming the same. There is even a commercially successful Tamil film with a song and title itself on this familiar and much used Tamil phrase.

7 Times Champion – Lewis Hamilton – F1 Car Racing

Lewis Hamilton was already in the pantheon of Formula One Racing greats. But there was One big number that Michael Schumacher owned and no one else. Seven World Championships. That number is now co-owned by Lewis.

Mum! Bye? Freedom To Express In Mumbai

If fearless journalists cannot be neutralized with harassment, maybe 'try to neuter their voices' by arresting them. 'Keeping them off work till you get some time to think of what next to do', seems to be the credo of the Shiv Sena-led regime.

KAN YE WrEST the US Presidency?

Kanye West, the millionaire rapper has decided to stand for the elections to decide the 46th President of the United States. A successful singer/ musician is no stranger to the Green Room. Is there a green signal for Kanye to enter the Oval Room? Will The White House finally be home to the first fully Black President of the United States?

Pullback by China. Do Well to WrANGle. Beware of sCHINOfrenzia

Pullback by China is on the cards. It seems as if Doval has done well to send Beijing Paeking. But the pullback by China has to be seen to be believed. Else...