Friendship a 50 50 fantasy fallacy

Friendship is Fifty:Fifty…. Our fantasy could be a fallacy.

Friendship is Fifty:Fifty.... fantasy or fallacy ? MIT researcher Alex Pentland has found that about 50% of the friendships that we have are one sided. That is half our friends whom we think are our friends...
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Happy Holi – May nothing unholy happen henceforth

Happy Holi - May nothing unholy happen henceforth   Related Reading karti-chidambaram-sent-to-five-day-cbi-custody Drug Body Chief Transferred for exposing Hospital Scam Honi ko Unhoni Kardein, Unhoni ko Honi.... http://www.newstikka.com/part-5-long-live-democracy-tweets-pm-mr-narendra-modi-need-opposition-congress-also-ok.html      
Gujarat CM's post - Anand ya pain ?

Gujarat CM’s Post – ‘Anand’ or Pain ?

Gujarat CM's Post - 'Anand' or  Pain ? Ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections (by end of 2017), the BJP maybe wishes to have someone other than Anandhiben heading the state. Someone who could help it...
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Part 2 – Long Live Democracy tweets PM Mr Narendra Modi! Aiyar’s insights on...

  ......Continued from  Part 1 Aiyar's Insight on challenges Modi could face Mr Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar of The Economic Times wrote long back analyzing Mr Modi's potential to impact India as a Prime Minister. This was in the early days...
It's Trumps down for Donald as Sexism isn't Sexy

It’s Trumps down for Donald as Sexism isn’t Sexy.

It's Trumps down for Donald as Sexism isn't Sexy. Not many Thumbs Up. Donald Trump seemed well placed to catch up with Hillary Clinton in their race to the White House, till allegations of Sexism...
Chennai High Court Throws the book at attempts to gag writer, perumal murugan

HC all but ‘throws the book’ at attempts to gag writer.

photo courtesy: thehindu.com The Chief Justice of Madras High Court SK Kaul and Justice Pushpa Sathyanarayana stopped short of  throwing the book at the attempts to muzzle the voice of Perumal Murgan. Readers may recollect...