India China border stand-off. Don’t blink; let bullies think!

India has decided not to blink on the border, especially the ones bordering India.

Saithan Killed Them @ Sathankulam. Mystery Shrouds the Murder.

No arrests have been made thus far in the deaths of the Father and Son at Sathankulam....... The authorities are still searching for the Saithan (Devil). The same mysterious creature suspected of being behind the deaths of Jayaraj and Fenix.....

The Indian Tan gets a bad bLeach as the Bess team wins the First...

Joe Root planted himself ..AndHerSons & Sibleyngs
 Stoke(s) Her Majesty's Pride;
 The Indian tan left with a bad bLeach
with the Bess Team's win!

May this LOTUS POTUS-ition with Biden & Kamala usher in peace all around! Aam,...

The New POTUS Takes Oath Mr Joe Biden takes oath as the new POTUS (President of the United States). This brings the curtains down on one of...