Saturday, June 19, 2021


Friendship a 50 50 fantasy fallacy

Friendship is Fifty:Fifty…. Our fantasy could be a fallacy.

Friendship is Fifty:Fifty.... fantasy or fallacy ? MIT researcher Alex Pentland has found that about 50% of the friendships that we have are one sided. That is half our friends whom we think are our friends...
Tamil Culture, Sangam Era, The Myrrh,

Cultural Fragrance of ‘The Myrrh’ from Sangam era discovered

http://www.dictionary.com/browse/myrrh Fragrance of ‘The Myrrh’ culturally from Sangam era is slowly being discovered The antiquity of Sanskrit and its associated richness is increasingly becoming common knowledge. Foreign schools and universities are making Sanskrit part of their curriculum...
Beg, Borrow to Seal votes. In Paari's land, generosity is a legacy.

Beg, Borrow, but Seal votes. In Paari Vallal’s land, generosity is a legacy!

  Beg, Borrow, but Seal votes. In Paari Vallal's land, generosity is a legacy! The valourous and generous King Paari is said to have left his chariot back in the forest to provide support to a...
About plaits of plaintiffs. Child Rights Commission ask schools not to violate girls rights

About plaits of plaintiffs. Child Rights Commission excuses a plait-free pate .

About plaits of plaintiffs. Child Rights Commission excuses a plait-free pate for girls What had been de rigueur for us a few years back has become matter for seeking official recourse. School girls who had been forced...
Odious Ah Satrap asks security man to unstrap and strap sandals

Odious, Ah! Satrap asks PSO to unstrap and strap sandals.

Odious, Ah! Satrap cannot bend for his sandal strap. Mr Yogendra Behera is a senior party leader and minister in the BJP (Biju Janata Dal) government in Odisha. For the Independence Day festivities, in the Keonjhar...
no beef it is. Allow Buffalo at least.

Holy Cow! No Beef it is. Allow Buffalo at least….

  The cow vigilantes are getting too edgy these days. We have had a few instances in the past few weeks.... of the 'Gau Rakshaks' (Cow Protectors), taking law into their own hands. What has...
Gujarat CM's post - Anand ya pain ?

Gujarat CM’s Post – ‘Anand’ or Pain ?

Gujarat CM's Post - 'Anand' or  Pain ? Ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections (by end of 2017), the BJP maybe wishes to have someone other than Anandhiben heading the state. Someone who could help it...

KAN YE WrEST the US Presidency?

Kanye West, the millionaire rapper has decided to stand for the elections to decide the 46th President of the United States. A successful singer/ musician is no stranger to the Green Room. Is there a green signal for Kanye to enter the Oval Room? Will The White House finally be home to the first fully Black President of the United States?
the race for the corona vaccine. who will bell the covid? Kaun Banega Corona pati.

Who Will Bell the Covid? The Race for the Vaccine. Kaun Banega Corona-pati?

The race is on... One that is not about being the fastest, strongest, smartest etc, but one about Survival..and survival they say is of the fittest. Which vaccine will fit the bill?

Corona Virus Infection Curve – A tale of 2 ‘L’s

The decision to open up sales of Liquor has come under heavy criticism. The Honourable High Court of Madras has also annulled the decision of the TN Government.