Saturday, July 31, 2021



Jeff Do It – Space Beckons Bezos More ; At 6s & 7s on...

It is believed our Work and our Life Partner play critical roles in our Happiness. On the conjugal front, Jeff Bezos has gotten away, Scott-free. Sanchez are, Lauren it too. Jeff must now wish to focus on Blue Origin, the space travel company. A relentless visionary indeed. If space colonies on Moon and Mars develop, surely a lot of logistics needed… both of Human Resources and Material. An Amazon opportunity....

‘Say No, Ceylon, to Sino Loans & Projects’ – Rising Sino levels, a fiscal...

.The increasing number of infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka being awarded to China or Chinese companies only makes one fear the worst! At $85 Billion, Ceylon’s GDP is more than double that of Nepal’s. But less than one third that of Pakistan’s. And Pakistan is going the vassal state way. So Long, Ceylon. Global Warming and subsequent rising sea levels may not be a very proximate physical threat for an island like Ceylon. But a fiscal one being brewed right at home may not be so.

Mithali Raj -With Love & Leela, DoRai-ght being Daughters’ Might & Ally.

With her might as ally, Raj had struck a huge blow for womens’ sports in India, especially, Cricket. This Leela (divine play) is sure to help parents feel vindicated. How to DoRai-ght by daughters? A Lotte of ‘Character’/ fortitude gets developed among girls otherwise vulnerable in an unequal society. Just as a lot of boys were ‘Sachin-ed’ at birth, maybe girls would be Mithali-ed too, by their respective Leela-s and Dorai-s.

Lottery, Lawsuit, VaccStick Diplomacy

A Lottery & A Lawsuit A group of 500 Indian and Chinese nationals have filed a lawsuit after the results of a lottery. The lawsuit was against the US...

TWIT-ERR – Twitter, the First platform booked under POSCO Act? Thanks to @ZOO-Bear &...

TwitERR - First Platform Booked Under POSCO Act Being booked under any act by the Law, is surely no FIR in one’s cap. But Twitter seems to have this...

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’- Deepika Kumari, World No 1 in archery

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’ India and surely other socio-economies of the world need to take more note of the activities and achievements of women. Whether Indian...

Ya, Go… Stretch Your Limits with Yoga! Mental, Physical, Spiritual.

International Day of Yoga Greetings on this International Day of Yoga. Let us all stretch our limits. Limits to Health- mental, spiritual beyond the physical.  Let us also stretch...

Urdu, the poet’s language – Handmaiden for a regime’s image.

The struggling Pakistan Government tries to shore up its image with Urdu, the poet's language. One is reminded of one of the doyens of this rich tongue, Mirza Ghalib.