Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Joker may be one of the Three Aces today, WomenBuildOn, Harleen’s Leap

The dJokor is on the verge of becoming one of the three aces in Men's tennis. This is at least in terms of the 20 Grand Slam wins, his key contemporaries are currently on. In terms of future potential, he looks surely to do more than the ageing Federer or the less ageing (but more injury prone) Nadal. But today's final will be NoVak in the park for him. He still has to get better at it than Berrettini. Else it may be Game, Set & Matteo.

Jallikattu & Animal Rights – Part 4 – healthy native A2 Milk Vs ‘hybridized’...

  A2 Milk Vs A1 Milk. Indian Breeds Vs Imports Thanks to the debates raging over Jallikattu, many of us have become more aware about milk (A2 Milk :-)  ), its production and the various cattle...
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Part 1 – The Neduvasal Project : Nightmare for Locals & Neighbours or A...

  The Neduvasal Project : Locals getting Vocal Neduvasal is another wake-up call for many among us since the alarming levels of pollution in many eco-systems across the country (and the world) are sounding alarm bells....
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Happy Holi – May nothing unholy happen henceforth

Happy Holi - May nothing unholy happen henceforth   Related Reading karti-chidambaram-sent-to-five-day-cbi-custody Drug Body Chief Transferred for exposing Hospital Scam Honi ko Unhoni Kardein, Unhoni ko Honi.... http://www.newstikka.com/part-5-long-live-democracy-tweets-pm-mr-narendra-modi-need-opposition-congress-also-ok.html      

Manster – this animal needs to evolve! Pregnant Elephant killed with crackers inside...

The anagram of Animals is Man Ails. What has happened in Kerala is another manifestation of this ailment.
IMD forecats dim? Maintenance of stations under weather.

Dim IMD forecasts? Maintenance of stations under the weather.

Dim IMD forecasts? Maintenance of stations under the weather. The Indian Meterological Department (IMD) spent about Rs 1000 Crores (Rs 10 Billion) in 2012, on upgrading the infrastructure to relay hourly updates on weather data...

Is it Jallikattu Vs Animal Rights or Jallikattu & Animal Rights? – Part 1

Jallikattu Vs Animal Rights The most popular debate raging in the media and across various fora has been very engaging as well as confusing. The debate over the practice of Jallikattu on one hand versus the...

Cyclone Nisarga: 2 sets of meanings. One Grant, Another Release

Cyclone Nisarga caused at least one sleepless night for Mumbai. The Media created awe and fear as none else can. The way it projected Cyclone Nisarga, caused sufficient concern. We cannot blame the media too
Rise! Get a leg up, Cane do it.

Rise! Get a Leg up. Cane do it!

photo courtesy: riselegs.com Cool Chilli’s pulse races! Chased by a myriad emotions…. NewsTikka’s spirit is kindled by Rise Legs,  enabling leg amputees lead equal lives. Endorsing ‘Make In India’, exemplifying self-sufficiency,sourcing locally, involving local artisans….. adding colour/ texture, tailor made to suit the customer…..it...
the race for the corona vaccine. who will bell the covid? Kaun Banega Corona pati.

Who Will Bell the Covid? The Race for the Vaccine. Kaun Banega Corona-pati?

The race is on... One that is not about being the fastest, strongest, smartest etc, but one about Survival..and survival they say is of the fittest. Which vaccine will fit the bill?