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Historic and Stoic. Chennai weathers Cyclone Vardha.

  Historic and Stoic. Chennai weathers the Cyclone Vardha. Cyclone Vardha has come and gone. It has left in its wake a 'City emerging from the woods' as a leading daily captioned it. Officials estimate the...

Cyclone Nivar, NiVar(u vaaya?) – Are You Coming?

Cyclone Nivar In Tamil, the oldest known language on earth, Ni-var-u-Vaaya is a question, "Are You Coming?". Of course, this question is normally asked in a friendly and receptive manner; for example, a man checking whether his beloved will make the rendezvous without fail. Or, a person wishing his or her friend/ relative to visit and confirming the same. There is even a commercially successful Tamil film with a song and title itself on this familiar and much used Tamil phrase.
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Animals’ SOS. Urgent. In a Zoo. Better outside.

photo courtesy: coloribus.com Animals’ SOS. Urgent. In a Zoo. Better outside.The 140 year old zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina has decided to let its inmates return to more natural settings. Readers may recollect Sandra, the...
grave threat to grove eco-system at Thiruvannamalai

Thiruvannamalai: Grave Threat to Grove Eco-system

photo courtesy: TheHindu.com It is both a chicken and egg dilemma and a vicious cycle. First, there are some natural elements. In this case the mountain and the grove of native trees at Thiruvannamalai near Chennai...
Ascent of Man On the wrong scent

Ascent of Man. On the wrong scent?

Ascent of Man. On the wrong scent? A recent discovery of a fossil that is 3.7 million year old is questioning our understanding of evolution. Not evolution as a concept which is now almost universally accepted, barring some theological...
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Too good for its own good ? Don’t Do as the Dodo

photo courtesy: albanydailystar.com The Dodo is, as the saying goes, as dead as the Dodo. But the first-ever 3D atlas of the dodo’s skeletal anatomy has now been created by experts which helps them understand...
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This Green is Gross. Pollution Paints Precious Prizes (Heritage)!

photocourtesy: Techtimes.com The Number One reason for most Tourists visiting India is – The Taj Mahal. We do have some opinions questioning the background to this Wonder of the World. But the ‘official’ version makes for...
No Bar on unsafe mining. Barons mine and mint. Miners suffer and succumb.

No Bar on unsafe mining. Barons mine and mint. Miners suffer and succumb.

photo courtesy: slideshare.net Mining is a significant segment of our economy and GDP. However basic health and safety safe guards are still not implemented. The workers are aware of these isssues and are in turn...
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Part 3 : The Neduvasal Project : Hydocarbon is important, But Physical and Ecological...

Fracking Pros and Cons in Part 2 This is the third and concluding part of this series on the Neduvasal Protests No Onus on ONGC? The ONGC (state owned Oil and Natural Gas Commission) had sometime back...