Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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48% came round to Cameron’s call. 52% see new hope without Europe!

The results are finally out. Despite David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister exhorting for UK to remain within the European Union, the ‘Remainers’ have not prevailed. Exit it is, from the EU. The active right wing...

Go, Nitin Gogoi, Go. Neat work. Why ‘darr’ ?

Go, Nitin Gogoi, Go. Neat work. Why 'dar' ?   Army Officer Nitin Leetul Gogoi has recently been honoured by the Indian Army for his 'innovative' action which saved lives. Gogoi had tied a local kashmiri youth...
5, 10, 20, 50, 100.

5, 10, 20, 50, 100.

5, 10, 20, 50, 100 100 will be King. Atleast for a while.  Beyond the above, the big currency notes i.e. the current Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 cease to be legal tender from midnight of...

Enter or Exit, but surely don’t Enter(tain) the remorseless dragon

Do you agree that Twitter 'questioning' Amul's content, however temporarily, was unwarranted? ? Amul was talking of exiting the dragon in a reference to the calls for boycott of Chinese goods.
Islam has no truck with terror. But Jihad not so nice!

Islam has no Truck with Terror. But Jihad not so Nice!

Islam has no Truck with Terror. But Jihad not so Nice!  The recent carnage using a truck to mow down people at Nice, France is appalling. It only shows the mindset of the Jihadist!...
RaghuRam goes into exile. Bhaarat hopes for Bharat to Raj-on RBI,

RaghuRam to exit Ayodhya; exile into Academia. Bhaarat hopes for a Bharat to Raj-on...

photo courtesy: scroll.in RaghuRam Rajan, the RBI Governor has decided to exit his Ayodhya and exile into Academia. He had many cheerleaders including many from Indian Industry. But the Dasharaths of India were not able...

Yogi se Yeddyurappa tak. Lucknow taken, Karnataka to be BJPlured?

Yogi se Yeddyurappa tak. Lucknow taken, Karnataka to be BJPlured?    Amit Shah, BJP's master strategist has indicated the leader in the May 2018 elections for the Karnataka assembly. Mr. Yeddyurappa, ex-Chief Minister would be...

Chennai Anna Salai – Cracks after Cave in sparks fresh concerns

Cracks after Cave In spark fresh Concerns  The cave in, two days ago on Anna Salai, the arterial road of Chennai is telling. The incident is also 'yelling' at authorities, hoping they would listen. A few cracks have been seen...

Mum! Bye? Freedom To Express In Mumbai

If fearless journalists cannot be neutralized with harassment, maybe 'try to neuter their voices' by arresting them. 'Keeping them off work till you get some time to think of what next to do', seems to be the credo of the Shiv Sena-led regime.
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Human Citizen’s Mann Ki Baat 7 – Citizens at Crossroads

  Citizens at Crossroads - Mrs Vikram ( A Reader) I am at the Crossroads. To be or not to be, right or wrong, will it or will it not….the current situation engulfing TN confuses the...