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Andhra Pradesh – Jagan’s eState & Three Capitals

Forget the Turkish Tughlaq. Our Telegu Tsar one can do much better. Why bother with just transferring capitals? Seems a little old-fashioned. Our Reddy must have read his Alexander and the unravelling/ cutting of the Gordion Knot. The new Andhra CM is looking at three state capitals, one each for the Legislative, Executive and the Judiciary.
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Assembly Secretary Jamaludeen to give Factual Report. An Ancient Land and Lady Lalithaa’s Legacy.

  Governor Rao seeks Factual Report Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao has asked for a factual report from Jamaludeen on the proceedings during the Trust Vote. The 'Trust Vote' happened a few days back amidst 'protests' both...
The Hague to clarify on vague

The Hague to clarify on Vague Claims in SCS by China.

A Chinese Coast Guard vessel in the SCS region. Photo Courtesy: REUTERS/Nguyen Minh/File Photo The Chinese Government may not be behaving exactly as Nazi government did under Hitler. But there are some similarities  that we ignore at our...
Trust: Charred a lot! Who will wake US up?

Trust – Charred a lot! Who will wake US up?

  Trust - Charred a lot! Who will wake US up? It is with great sadness and disappointment that one reads news about the turmoil in American towns. The protests in the North Carolina city of Charlotte is...
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Kar nautanki – Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018

Kar nautanki - Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Karnataka, the biggest state (electorally and GDP wise) in the Indian Union that is still with the Congress is going to the polls today. The results are to...
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Surveillance on. Servile Hands, Man your goodies! Mother no more.

Surveillance on. Servile Hands, Man your goodies! Mother no more. The Mother, Amma is no more. In a move widely speculated upon, Amma's replacement as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is chosen. Her Man Friday, O...
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While we sleep

  While We Sleep We Assume that someone is awake To do the job we ought to have done, Ere sleeping.   While We Sleep We ignore the risks around us. But the dangers parented by our carelessness and 'chalta hai'...
Do Come Home Bombay House to Docomo

“Do Come Home and discuss”: Bombay House to Docomo

"Do Come Home and discuss", Bombay House to Docomo Cyrus Mistry is out of Bombay House and Ratan Tata is back at the helm of the Tata Sons' Board. Cyrus had been aggressive on the partnership with NTT...
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New pal, Jinping to get closer to Kathmandu

photo courtesy: TheHindu.com Mr. Xi Jinping, the Chinese President is expected to visit Nepal this October. China is increasingly dislodging India from the special status it had been enjoying with Nepal over the years. Disturbances...

The Battle For Bihar. Neat-ish Finish! Nitish Finished?

The BJP has helped Nitish as part of the NDA just about win again in Bihar. The win was surely not a very 'Neat' one. 'Neat-ish' at best. Had the BJP (with a strong contributions from both the grassroots and the senior leadership) not really pulled the way it did, 'Jungle-raj ka yuvraj' may well have stomped into the CM's seat.