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Corona Virus Infection Curve – A tale of 2 ‘L’s

The decision to open up sales of Liquor has come under heavy criticism. The Honourable High Court of Madras has also annulled the decision of the TN Government.

Removing the Red Beacon VIP Culture. Shed Light Shoulder Laypeople

Removing the Red Beacon VIP Culture The Prime Minister Mr Modi and his BJP government deserve a big round of applause. They have done something most of us would not have dreamt possible. The common...

Ashwini’s WaishNow on Twitter, TEENish attempt on NEET, Rome or Rahim as the Euro,...

But with 31 unforced errors to HurKacz’s 12, Federer may also agree that it just was not his day. Whether he will play again at Wimbledon, is a big Question. But the Champion that he is, his quest for the 21st will surely be on....

Elections 2019 – iNDiA votes for NDA

It was not 'advantage NDA' when 2019 dawned. There were not many things going wrong for Rahul Gandhi in the run-up to the elections for the 17th Lok Sabha. ...

Manster – this animal needs to evolve! Pregnant Elephant killed with crackers inside...

The anagram of Animals is Man Ails. What has happened in Kerala is another manifestation of this ailment.
To CuBe or not to cuBe

To cuBe or not to cuBe

Rubik's Cubic Conundrum
sitting on Judges names no way to reform Judiciary

Sitting on judges’ names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms

Sitting on names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms The Supreme Court has warned the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) that the SC could hold the PMO liable for contempt of court. The reason for the SC's...

‘Say No, Ceylon, to Sino Loans & Projects’ – Rising Sino levels, a fiscal...

.The increasing number of infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka being awarded to China or Chinese companies only makes one fear the worst! At $85 Billion, Ceylon’s GDP is more than double that of Nepal’s. But less than one third that of Pakistan’s. And Pakistan is going the vassal state way. So Long, Ceylon. Global Warming and subsequent rising sea levels may not be a very proximate physical threat for an island like Ceylon. But a fiscal one being brewed right at home may not be so.
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TN Ministers meet Sasikala in Jail. Swearing By the Institution only.

Inside the Bangalore Prison (4 TN Ministers visit Sasikala) Ministers: Vanakkam Chinnamma. Chinnamma: Yenge Edubidi (Where is Edubidi?  Edubidi means errand boy. She is referring to Edappadi Palaniswamy) Ministers: He is busy taking care of the State. C:...

France-ly speaking, Google Should ‘Do No Evil’; I Done It – Oars, Ohms, Ores,...

The Australian government had initially struck a blow for original publishers with their progressive legislation that made it mandatory for social media companies to compensate creators/ publishers for using their content. The Thunder Down Under has resonated in other countries too, especially the European Union. Google on its part has expressed disappointment that its efforts to strike a deal have not been recognized enough. Maybe a little SEO (Soul-searching Enterprise Optimization) may just do the trick for Google.