Saturday, June 10, 2023



Mithali Raj -With Love & Leela, DoRai-ght being Daughters’ Might & Ally.

With her might as ally, Raj had struck a huge blow for womens’ sports in India, especially, Cricket. This Leela (divine play) is sure to help parents feel vindicated. How to DoRai-ght by daughters? A Lotte of ‘Character’/ fortitude gets developed among girls otherwise vulnerable in an unequal society. Just as a lot of boys were ‘Sachin-ed’ at birth, maybe girls would be Mithali-ed too, by their respective Leela-s and Dorai-s.

Djo Kovic Jeetha Wo Sikkander

Novak Djokovic wins the French Open after being two sets down in the final. This is his 19th Grand Slam.

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’- Deepika Kumari, World No 1 in archery

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’ India and surely other socio-economies of the world need to take more note of the activities and achievements of women. Whether Indian...

Thirstyano’s Hungary for Success again in the Euro Cup 2021?

Cristiano’s Juggernaut gets France’s Jugular (in Euro 2016) It was just yesterday Ronaldo led his unfancied team to victory at the Euro 2016. At the outset of the...