Sunday, February 5, 2023



Thirstyano’s Hungary for Success again in the Euro Cup 2021?

Cristiano’s Juggernaut gets France’s Jugular (in Euro 2016) It was just yesterday Ronaldo led his unfancied team to victory at the Euro 2016. At the outset of the...

Bombay HC Bench vindicates faith of Bilkis Bano in Judiciary

Bombay HC Bench vindicates Bilkis Bano’s faith in JudiciaryThe Bombay High Court has upheld the conviction of the accused in the Bilkis Bano case. The Court has also set aside the acquittal of two doctors...

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’- Deepika Kumari, World No 1 in archery

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’ India and surely other socio-economies of the world need to take more note of the activities and achievements of women. Whether Indian...

Manster – this animal needs to evolve! Pregnant Elephant killed with crackers inside...

The anagram of Animals is Man Ails. What has happened in Kerala is another manifestation of this ailment.
sitting on Judges names no way to reform Judiciary

Sitting on judges’ names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms

Sitting on names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms The Supreme Court has warned the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) that the SC could hold the PMO liable for contempt of court. The reason for the SC's...
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TN Ministers meet Sasikala in Jail. Swearing By the Institution only.

Inside the Bangalore Prison (4 TN Ministers visit Sasikala) Ministers: Vanakkam Chinnamma. Chinnamma: Yenge Edubidi (Where is Edubidi?  Edubidi means errand boy. She is referring to Edappadi Palaniswamy) Ministers: He is busy taking care of the State. C:...

Corona Virus Infection Curve – A tale of 2 ‘L’s

The decision to open up sales of Liquor has come under heavy criticism. The Honourable High Court of Madras has also annulled the decision of the TN Government.

Arise, says Sir Richard Branson to unshackle Tourism from earthly moorings

Arise, says Sir Richard Branson to Tourism… Space Tourism a budding Tour De Force Arise, said Sir Richard Branson to Tourism to unshackle it from its earthly moorings. Tickets...
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Part 1 – Stay Order Lifted. Coke, Open Happiness. Pepsi, Yeh Dil Maange More

Stay Order Lifted The Madras High Court in its order last week has lifted the stay on using Thamiraibharani river water, it had put on Cola giants Pepsi and Coke. The stay had been put in...