Sunday, February 5, 2023


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Part 3 – Long Live Democracy tweets the PM Narendra Modi. The Silent Majority...

  continued from Part 2 The Silent Majority increasingly supporting BJP?  The majority of the many initial doubters are beginning to respect this BJP government. This government looks to be doing just what the Doctor prescribed for the country (barring a...
sitting on Judges names no way to reform Judiciary

Sitting on judges’ names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms

Sitting on names no way to hatch Judicial Reforms The Supreme Court has warned the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) that the SC could hold the PMO liable for contempt of court. The reason for the SC's...

Huawei, Hua Bye? The Rose hiding the thorns, finally plucked?

.................................Huawei's attractive (decent technology) and accessible (economically priced) offerings made them captivating roses. The Bard may as well question, why raise a red flag on the country of origin, when it is not about the colour of the flag but the cologne in the fragrance. It was this same logic that would have made British PM Boris ........... Johnson continue with Huawei as a partner in UK's telecom plans. But luckily enough, he has seen the thorns that the rose had been hiding for long. ........................

‘Say No, Ceylon, to Sino Loans & Projects’ – Rising Sino levels, a fiscal...

.The increasing number of infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka being awarded to China or Chinese companies only makes one fear the worst! At $85 Billion, Ceylon’s GDP is more than double that of Nepal’s. But less than one third that of Pakistan’s. And Pakistan is going the vassal state way. So Long, Ceylon. Global Warming and subsequent rising sea levels may not be a very proximate physical threat for an island like Ceylon. But a fiscal one being brewed right at home may not be so.

Cyclone Nisarga: 2 sets of meanings. One Grant, Another Release

Cyclone Nisarga caused at least one sleepless night for Mumbai. The Media created awe and fear as none else can. The way it projected Cyclone Nisarga, caused sufficient concern. We cannot blame the media too

Enter or Exit, but surely don’t Enter(tain) the remorseless dragon

Do you agree that Twitter 'questioning' Amul's content, however temporarily, was unwarranted? ? Amul was talking of exiting the dragon in a reference to the calls for boycott of Chinese goods.

Mithali Raj -With Love & Leela, DoRai-ght being Daughters’ Might & Ally.

With her might as ally, Raj had struck a huge blow for womens’ sports in India, especially, Cricket. This Leela (divine play) is sure to help parents feel vindicated. How to DoRai-ght by daughters? A Lotte of ‘Character’/ fortitude gets developed among girls otherwise vulnerable in an unequal society. Just as a lot of boys were ‘Sachin-ed’ at birth, maybe girls would be Mithali-ed too, by their respective Leela-s and Dorai-s.

Joker may be one of the Three Aces today, WomenBuildOn, Harleen’s Leap

The dJokor is on the verge of becoming one of the three aces in Men's tennis. This is at least in terms of the 20 Grand Slam wins, his key contemporaries are currently on. In terms of future potential, he looks surely to do more than the ageing Federer or the less ageing (but more injury prone) Nadal. But today's final will be NoVak in the park for him. He still has to get better at it than Berrettini. Else it may be Game, Set & Matteo.
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TN Ministers meet Sasikala in Jail. Swearing By the Institution only.

Inside the Bangalore Prison (4 TN Ministers visit Sasikala) Ministers: Vanakkam Chinnamma. Chinnamma: Yenge Edubidi (Where is Edubidi?  Edubidi means errand boy. She is referring to Edappadi Palaniswamy) Ministers: He is busy taking care of the State. C:...

Reverse Swing or not, Don’t Swerve. Play Straight.

Reverse Swing or not, Don't Swerve from Values The ball tampering ( to increase reverse swing) controversy in the Test Match between South Africa and Australia has progressed predictably. Guilty players have confessed to tampering...