Saturday, June 10, 2023




Ashwini’s WaishNow on Twitter, TEENish attempt on NEET, Rome or Rahim as the Euro,...

But with 31 unforced errors to HurKacz’s 12, Federer may also agree that it just was not his day. Whether he will play again at Wimbledon, is a big Question. But the Champion that he is, his quest for the 21st will surely be on....

‘Say No, Ceylon, to Sino Loans & Projects’ – Rising Sino levels, a fiscal...

.The increasing number of infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka being awarded to China or Chinese companies only makes one fear the worst! At $85 Billion, Ceylon’s GDP is more than double that of Nepal’s. But less than one third that of Pakistan’s. And Pakistan is going the vassal state way. So Long, Ceylon. Global Warming and subsequent rising sea levels may not be a very proximate physical threat for an island like Ceylon. But a fiscal one being brewed right at home may not be so.

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’- Deepika Kumari, World No 1 in archery

Come, Hurry, Pat-Her-Archery; Lets target Deep ‘Patriarchy’ India and surely other socio-economies of the world need to take more note of the activities and achievements of women. Whether Indian...

Thirstyano’s Hungary for Success again in the Euro Cup 2021?

Cristiano’s Juggernaut gets France’s Jugular (in Euro 2016) It was just yesterday Ronaldo led his unfancied team to victory at the Euro 2016. At the outset of the...

Thirstyano Ronaldo ‘Aguacates’ Water, says ‘Go Go Cola’ at Euro Cup Press Meet

Ronaldo Sees Red Cristiano Ronaldo saw Red in the bottle of Coca Cola at the Press Meet at the 2021 Euro Cup. It did not seem to be...

Djo Kovic Jeetha Wo Sikkander

Novak Djokovic wins the French Open after being two sets down in the final. This is his 19th Grand Slam.

7 Times Champion – Lewis Hamilton – F1 Car Racing

Lewis Hamilton was already in the pantheon of Formula One Racing greats. But there was One big number that Michael Schumacher owned and no one else. Seven World Championships. That number is now co-owned by Lewis.

Reverse Swing or not, Don’t Swerve. Play Straight.

Reverse Swing or not, Don't Swerve from Values The ball tampering ( to increase reverse swing) controversy in the Test Match between South Africa and Australia has progressed predictably. Guilty players have confessed to tampering...

Jallikattu & Animal Rights – Part 4 – healthy native A2 Milk Vs ‘hybridized’...

  A2 Milk Vs A1 Milk. Indian Breeds Vs Imports Thanks to the debates raging over Jallikattu, many of us have become more aware about milk (A2 Milk :-)  ), its production and the various cattle...