Brook Bonds Burka and Bindi with Tea

photo courtesy: youtube
photo courtesy: youtube

Brook Bonds Burka and Bindi with Tea

The Stable: Uniliver’s Brook Bond range of beverages

Brand: Red Label Tea

Medium: Television Commercial, You Tube

Story Board: A middle aged couple arrive  at their locked apartment and find the keys missing. They stand in the corridor and wonder possibilities. A little girl in Burka comes running up the stairs and into the corridor, full of life. Her mother also in Burka, follows, chasing her and she notices the couple standing outside her neighbour’s door.

As the young mother unlocks her door, she also invites the ‘stranded’ couple to wait inside her apartment. Initially reluctant, the middle-aged husband agrees since his wife also has a problem with her knees.

But over a cup of Brook Bond Red Label Tea, the husband gets more comfortable and goes on to ask for another cup from their hostess.

Cool Chilli’ Comments

The brand has come up with a typical situation in the modern town context wherein neighbours don’t interact much, and may not even know much of each other. There is also a tendency not to take too many obligations from the neighbour. A far cry from the more gregarious and much less ‘time-pressured’ existence of decades past.

The Brand, ‘Red Label’ has tried to help neighbours bond over a cup of tea. By showing the Muslim lady and her girl child in a very happy, open and ‘open-to-friendship’ light, Red Label also seeks to dispel some perceptions we may possibly carry about some communities.  The stranded couple warming up to their neighbours also shows the cameraderie and happy co-existence possible, if we unshackle ourselves from bigoted beliefs.

Ads of these nature are very welcome in these times. Besides making a commercial which is relevant to the product, Brook Bond is also being very social socially responsible. Red Label deserves a 4.5 out of 5 for this nice advertisement.

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