Job Bhagwan ne Sahay nahi ki!

Bhagwan ne Sahay nahi ki! Boss refuses leave. Reportee's son commits suicide.
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Bhagwan ne Sahay nahi ki! Boss refuses leave. Reportee’s son commits suicide.

The Lord in office, the Boss did not help. Bhagwan (god)  Sahay (help)  may have wished to be seen as a disciplined government officer. The one out to improve the image of the ‘sarkari‘ (government) office. The one who ensured that his reportees were available in office during their working hours.

Bhagwan’s reportee, Mr Rajesh Ghadge requested for a half day leave to go home early. Rajesh’s son, suffering from depression, had threatened to commit suicide. But this additional Chief Secretary of the Maharashtra Agriculture Department, would hear none of it. He rather goaded Rajesh Ghadge to stay back and work the whole day. Meanwhile after waiting for his father for a few hours, the son of Rajesh committed suicide. Unfortunately Bhagwan Sahay forgot that discretion and delicacy could have been the better part of dedication.

The typical NewsTikka post is written with a lot of enthusiasm. But this post is written with sadness. The only motivation is the faint hope that we share a message. To be more careful of our stance particularly in the name of policy.

Maybe we need to question ourselves before we take a position personally or professionally. Whether the way ahead as we think it should be, is beneficial to all the parties concerned and whether the fall outs are reversible. These could be some thumb rules to check. Sure you empathise dear Reader. What is your thought on this?

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