Australia May Book You For Turning Your Face Away From A Conversation


Concern over Content and Professional Frees 

No matter of civil behaviour this, but surely a social and political concern. This is about the stringent steps the government of Australia is taking to let original content/ news publishers, have a share of the money made by social media giants (by riding on the original publishers). While the law has been in force for a while, Google and Facebook had initially been dragging their feet to face it as a fact of life in Australia.

Australia may Book you for turning your Face away from a Conversation

Microsoft saw a good opportunity. It felt it Canberra build bridges Down Under, while the iron laws were still fresh from the anvil. Google seems to be following suit. But the academic magazine Conversation has recently complained of Facebook ignoring a friend request by refusing to converse. Hope things are sorted out quickly and the social media giants & the kangaroos will herald a more prosperous era for content creators. Less con, more pro intentions portend well for content creators. When Content is used for commerce, carriers cannot hope for a free conveyance anymore.

Shooting The Messenger By Muting?

Speaking of carriers, a social media platform which is still struggling to get the safe harbour tag from the Indian Government, has muted the messenger of the new IT Rules of India. Ravi Shankar Prasad has been muted on twitter by the company. While some have seen red in this act of the little blue bird, the fact is that Twitter has acted based on a ‘copyright’ violation of a 2017 post of RS Prasad. A patriotic song he had used to tweet supposedly infringed on the copyright of the producers. The Minister in good faith may just express his regret and say ‘I am Sony about it’, if not already done. But such candid conversations will be a good ‘Prasad’ for public discourse too.   

Visitors From Outer Space NASAing Around On Earth?

The US Government has finally seemed to acknowledge the possibility (without explicitly confirming) of aliens visiting earth. After a series of investigations into past episodes of UFOs, they have ruled out all possible earthly causes. Sightings of strange craft in American air space (and their properties exhibited like speed, sudden acceleration etc) could not be co-related with any possible technologies developed by China or even Russia. Suddenly stories of the fatherhood of Kunti’s and Madri’s kids from the Mahabharatha do not seem so strange.