Assembly Secretary Jamaludeen to give Factual Report. An Ancient Land and Lady Lalithaa’s Legacy.

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Governor Rao seeks Factual Report

Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao has asked for a factual report from Jamaludeen on the proceedings during the Trust Vote. The ‘Trust Vote’ happened a few days back amidst ‘protests’ both peaceful and otherwise. 

Displeasure with the Speaker’s Dispensation

The DMK and the OPS camps have both questioned the Speaker’s decision and the way proceedings unfolded. They decried the decision to have an open vote (avoiding a secret one) which made the MLAs in the EPS camp very vulnerable. They also contend that since the motion of confidence (initiated in the morning) wasn’t carried out, another one could have been entertained before six months as per procedure. But the Speaker initiated a new motion that afternoon after evicting the DMK MLAs. 

If the DMK MLAs not been evicted, and if even some of the 122 MLAs (hosted by Sasikala) been able to support OPS (in a secret ballot, they would surely have done), the Trust Vote results may have been different.   

Demolishing Democratic Principles

The way things have panned out bodes poorly. Sasikala became Party Leader of the AIADMK party without adhering  to the party’s bylaws. She is alleged to have ‘forced’ a sitting CM (OPS) to resign. She removed OPS from the membership of the AIADMK Party and other ‘stakeholders’ appointed under very dubious circumstances. 

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Tamil Nadu – Ancient Land, Language and  Culture 

Tamil is one of the oldest languages known to man. It could also be the oldest surviving language, still in common use. Recent excavations and discoveries (in various parts of Tamil Nadu) have added a lot more substance to literature and legends about ancient Tamil Nadu.

Veteran IAS officer and Indus Valley Civilization expert Iravatham Mahadevan believes that the Indus people’s language was similar to Tamil. (Readers may recollect that Indus Valley seals depict the Jallikattu tradition of Tamil Nadu). The Tamils also have a rich history of great Kings and some of the best practices of governance. Not much of parallel we see elsewhere in human history.

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Governance, Equity and Charity in ancient Tamizhagam

This ancient land is witness to Governance and Charity by Kings and Leaders.  A King who executed his own son on the complaint of a cow is an example. The cow, whose calf had been run over by the Prince’s chariot.

Another is that of a King who left his chariot behind in the forest to support a ‘desolate’ creeper. If people with power cared for and respected even plants and animals, guess, the common citizen’s status wouldn’t have been too bad, one presumes.

Present Day TN and Amma’s Legacy?

Tamil Nadu is an important state. By GDP, only Maharashtra is ahead, though UP is catching up. It also has the reputation of having contributed many luminaries across various fields of human endeavour. It is too important a state for India, to lose to a Mafia.  

The average Indian has been laughing at the way some states in North India have made a mockery of politics and administration. But few realize that beneath her more  Charismatic Countenance, Jayalalithaa may have done something similar. Both within her party and the State.

Whither Propriety and Governance?

Party leaders far advanced in age prostrating before Jayalalithaa once could be an aberration, but repeatedly is cultivation.  Imagine police stations and government offices having Amma’s photographs on their walls or Government officers flaunting Jayalalithaa’s snaps on their desks. 

Now which Consumer of these Officials’ services (mind you these officials are paid by the Indian Citizen, not by Amma or AIADMK) could be sure about unbiased attendance to their issues. Especially if these issues pertained to sins of omission or commission by the Government or by AIADMK party members, a sycophant can get away with murder, literally.

Healthy Opposition Critical for Healthy Democracy

The DMK may have several skeletons in its own cupboard. It has its share of corruption scandals. However DMK filed charges against Amma J Jayalalithaa and Chinamma Sasikala Natarajan. Just imagine a possibility wherein for quid pro quo, the DMK had not initiated a case against Amma with the thoroughness it did.  

At the risk of digression and repetition in our site, we re-iterate the importance of being Congress. The importance of Congress being healthy in the national landscape. We may make fun of the Congress. But we don’t have any other national level middle of the road party and Without a strong and healthy Opposition, Democracy loses potency. 

In Ending. Need for Democracy Version 2.0 ?

That the two above Ammas are convicted now, grounds all their followers’ hopes and beliefs. Eternal Vigilance is the price we pay for Liberty. We need to revise constitutional and regulatory mechanisms to ensure that we learn from this Tamil Nadu expereince (and elsewhere). The Governor should not be under pressure to take a call basis only numerical superiority (signatures of Kidnapped MLAs) and a lot more needs to be checked.

As India seeks to take its right place among the top in the ‘League of Nations’, it may do well to empower and do the best by its Citizens. We may need to fine-tune some rough edges especially from the learnings in Tamil Nadu. Believe we have seen most possible permutations and combinations (and loopholes taken advantage of) in the last few weeks.  Americans themselves may flock to learn from us, smarting as they are from the failure of their own Democracy 1.0.    🙂    

But India may need Democracy Version 2.0, that which protects the masses, not just their representatives the electorate naively hopes cares for them? What do you feel, Reader? 

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  1. Big revolution required to change the 70yrs old Law and policies. Only possibility to fight corrupt politicians is individuals winning them in election. We had seen ourself doing hardwork for appraisal and higher salary. Why not in politics .. I am ready to fight. It’s like mega large project management. Cannot enter just like that. I am at planning level.

  2. Lot of things have changed but politics and politicians in India have not. Unfortunately we keep electing the same people who are ready to buy our votes but at the same time ready to sell us once elected.

    Yes we do need Democracy 2.0