“Asli Wadia ya Nusli “, Tata may wonder

Nusli Wadia Ratan Tata Sons Britannia Bombay Dyeing
photo courtesy: livemint.com

Asli Wadia ya Nusli

Nusli Wadia is the latest independent Diector on the boards of Tata Group companies to openly back Cyrus Mistry. Nusli (Chairman of the Wadia Group – Bombay Dyeing, Britannia Industries) has been a close associate and also has some Tata blood. Thus one can understand the feeling of chagrin and betrayal Ratan Tata and the old guard at Tata Sons could feel.

One can almost hear Ratan Tata say, ‘Et tu, Brute’…… Julius Caesar’s last words may echo in Tata’s ears. Among his assasins, Julius is surprised to note Brutus, a close friend, and by some accounts possibly his own son.

Please Note : Asli (genuine in Hindi) and Nakli (fake in Hindi) are used colloquially.

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