Ascent of Man. On the wrong scent?

Ascent of Man On the wrong scent
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Ascent of Man. On the wrong scent?

A recent discovery of a fossil that is 3.7 million year old is questioning our understanding of evolution. Not evolution as a concept which is now almost universally accepted, barring some theological quarters. But causing a re-think on how Man has

evolved from earlier hominids.

We had been thinking for some time now that one of the strains of hominids broke away from Chimpanzees and slowly ‘progressed’ into bipedalism. But the study of ‘Little Foot’ has thrown up some interesting observations. Little Foot by itself is not a new find. It has been in the experts’ works for about two decades now. But not known as much as the famous fossil nicknamed Lucy.

Little Foot and the Paradigm Shift in Understanding

Such studies however take time. Also an hypothesis as path-breaking as the one to reverse the current ‘Ascent of Man’ theory surely needs some time to propound. The hypothesis now proposed, basis the skeletal structure of Little Foot is that this ‘person’

  1. Had been a bi-pedalled hominid who lived on trees
  2. Should have been an ancestor, common to both the Chimpanzee and Modern Man
  3. Could have branched off into at least two distinct lines….  Modern Man’s and in parallel the Chimpanzee’s line.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

There is much wisdom seen in ancient cultures across the globe. Many of these are slowly getting validated by modern science. The same has overawed the NewsTikka team for some time now.  The team has found ancient Indian traditions holding much meaning even today. The ‘Dasha-Avataar’ (ten incarnations of Vishnu) for example, co-relate strongly with the Evolutionary process. Dasha-avataar has been a concept as old as most Hindu beliefs. It is about the various forms taken by God Vishnu in his role as The Protector.

There is no mention of a ‘monkey’ avatar, please note. However one of the Sanskrit words, Hari means both ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Monkey’. There is also a very coincidental Indian symbolism in light of Little Foot and the new hypothesis. That Chimpanzees and early humans could have evolved along parallel lines from Little Foot. In the seventh incarnation and the Rama-yana (The Legend Of Rama), we find the Monkey King Sugriva and Kishkindha, a kingdom of monkeys. Sugriva and his army helped Rama and his brother Lakshmana, fight a war.

To this day, we find many parts of India having names linking them to the stories in the Rama-yana or the Mahabharata. This would not be the case had these two epics been entirely fictional.  There are places in the south of India which strongly relate to Sugriva and speak of him. It would seem he had been around till a few hundred years ago.

Can we imagine people worshipping Harry Potter as an incarnation of the Almighty? Or can we find many towns across the Scottish or English countryside speaking of some connection with either Lord Voldemort or Hogwarts Castle or even Harry Potter? Maybe a  point to ponder….

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