Arise, says Sir Richard Branson to unshackle Tourism from earthly moorings


Arise, says Sir Richard Branson to Tourism… Space Tourism a budding Tour De Force

Arise, said Sir Richard Branson to Tourism to unshackle it from its earthly moorings. Tickets to Space, Tickets To Space… 3 for Mars and 5 for Moon open….The above would be the typical refrain one may hear in Sarai Kale Khan (New Delhi), Kalasipalaya (Bengaluru), Imlibun/ Jubilee ( Hyderabad). Maybe by 2050 AD if not earlier. The bus stations are typically places where we see last minute travellers rushing to get tickets.

Space, No Frontier. India’s Reliance may be on Adani To Say TATA, Bye

Musk is surely not Elon, Bezos Branson has already Reachard. With Space Tourism being heralded by the likes of these three Spaceketeers, it is just a matter of time before Indian entrepreneurs get into the act. The latter may already be charting plans to take India spaces.

Telecommunications – Bridged Space and Class (almost)

We may recollect an Indian Corporate turning the Telecom industry tele-zontally. Indian telecom services became one of the most economical communication services in the world, even as it bridged the space across distances and classes. The maid’s missives in the ghettos outside the high-rise was carried in egalitarian fashion (by the same carrier) to the Penthouse Lady of the House. Only the ‘handsets’ deviously held the social distinction apart.

ISRO Just a Matter of Time & Space

ISRO just a matter of time and Space. Whatever the latitude, if we have the attitude, we arrive at the altitude. Every Muhurat may be a MoonShot for those loony enough to get married in 2050. A MarsShot for the ‘Manglik’ (those with an afflicted Mars in their Natal horoscope), perhaps. Marriages are made in Heaven and may be conducted there too. When the couple may be easily ‘transported’ to celestial beds and bliss, the only element that may play spoil-sport is lack of gravity.

Om Shanthi to One of 1983 World Cup’s Unsung Heroes

Not all of Kapil’s Devils and Pals got the Yash (fame) they deserved. Yashpal’s gritty knock of 61 in the semi-final, and his stay at the crease till India was almost home, heralded Spring for Indian Cricket in English Summer. The monsoon may have just about begun back home in India, but after Hockey, Indian Team Sports’ finest hours was already getting harvested.