Agni V Missile Test a success. India arranging Chess pieces. Not playing Chinese Checkers.

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Agni V Missile Test a success

India has successfully tested the Agni V yet again yesterday. This fourth test prepares the ground for the Indian defence forces to integrate the missile with its Strategic Forces Command (SFC) over the next few months. The Agni V has a range of 5000 – 8000 Kms, depending on the payload it carries.

Agni V can carry 1500 Kgs of payload. A nuclear missile requires an ability to carry at least 1000 Kgs. Thus a significant milestone in the Agni Program, in addition to the range parameters.

The Chinese Government Spokesperson had initially tried to raise the question of India’s rights to build/use the missile. She had also cited an irrelevant 18 year old UN resolution in this regard. However better sense seems to have subsequently prevailed in the Chinese establishment. They now seem to have reconciled to the development and India’s ability to hit any part of China with or without a nuclear war-head. Chinese Whispers now seem to indicate a partnership mindset as against a competitive one.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

There is a fair bit of over-reaction one sees in the media these days. Hyperbole may give a high, even if the nuts and bolts are missing. The Indian media may go into a chest thumping mode about how China is worried. Pakistani media could get into a doomsday scenario about how their Wazir-e-azam is lethargic in making things happen in Pakistan, when his counterpart in India seems to be a busy bee.

A few elements of the ‘neutral’ western media may also contribute to this circus. One ‘Western Expert’ hunting in Fox News  (not sure about the vintage of the clip, but nonsensical irrespective of date) also seemed to think that India could be looking at Iran as a potential target with its Agni program. “China on the East and Iran on the West” is how he put it. How shallow can uni-dimensional journalism be. He maybe speaks for the democratic US with its tendency to sometimes see Demons in the Dark. Since, India is also a democracy,  he perhaps believes that just as the US is wary of Iran, India would also be. He seems completely unaware of India’s ancient ties with Persia. Or for that matter he may not even know that India is home to a huge number of Muslims.

Prof Li Bin of China’s Tsinghua University however was a huge revelation. He spoke eminent sense (as in Video clip attached) as to how the Agni program is important for India, irrespective of China. Also that India has a committed no-first use policy of nuclear weapons like China.

Can Modi and Xi, Sign in Peace, Nobly?

In ending, Cool Chilli believes with many others that the common man in Pakistan longs for peace with India. Also that the average Chinese too wishes a symbiotic partnership with India, sans the hawkish poses. Peace and happiness in this part of the world is surely possible. Maybe it only depends on how long the Chinese ‘dictatorial structure’ wishes to continue centralizing power. If the highly respected Mr Xi Jinping is able to do a ‘Gorbachov’, he may well be doing the entire world a big favour. Modi and Xi getting their hands on the Nobel Peace Prize together. Would that be a Photo Op!

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