Part 1 – Adam plays Cain. Slays brother Abel named Srinivas. Purinton kills with no Pure Intentions.



Adam plays Cain. A Purinton with no pure intentions.

Adam Purinton, a 51 year old Navy veteran kills an Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibothla. In the Holy Bible,  the first two sons of the First Couple (by Abrahamic traditions) are Cain and Abel. Much to the grief of Adam and Eve, Cain kills Abel, his younger brother. The reason is attributed to jealousy since God accepts Abel’s sacrificial offering and not Cain’s. 

Sibling Rivalries

The First Couple too would have paid their kids the best possible attention and care. Dare we say….. without the benefit of modern day psychological/parenting counselling. The exercises that parents and children these days are ‘subjected’ to. Cain and Abel would have been taught to love and respect each other to settle all their differences (if any) through peaceful discussions. But sometimes, sibling rivalry takes bitter turns and the same ‘skirmishes’ that helps forge (gradual) lifelong affection on rare occasions trigger mutation in behaviour.

Avoidable Comparisons

Either from one of the siblings or sometimes mutual, childhood jostling decays beyond repair. Sometimes parents wittingly or otherwise fuel this by taking sides or being partial. A poorly ‘endowed/encouraged’ sibling may find he or she is being unfairly compared with another one who has been showered with more opportunities or parental support.

Depression or Aggression

The above mostly takes one of these forms. The child unfairly treated/compared takes any of the several paths. He or She suffers silently and may end up ‘Depressed’ in the long run. Or she may bristle and oppose the unfairness. Sometimes she may seethe in silence, erupting at a ‘tipping point’.  There are only a few kids who go through this (comparision, whether fair or unfair) without getting scarred pychologically. But even if they escape without major scars, there is some negativity which gets passed on in their behaviour.

The POTUS as the Patriarch/Matriarch

Now imagine the President of the United States or even the one aspiring to be one. He or She will have some ‘parental authority’ infused in them just by virtue of them being in that role. Either as ‘Office Bearers’ or ‘Contenders’. Atleast in the eyes of the masses/ supporters.  The followers would invest all their hopes and aspirations in their ‘Messiah’. In turn, the messiah has a hypnotic effect on the herd. His or Her thoughts and feelings influence the flock.

To Continue in Part 2




  1. Thanks SREE for pointing this out. Yes agree that the Average American is still humane and these hate incidents have happened even in previous regimes.
    It is important that erudite and balanced readers as you revert so that we get an opportunity to correct our thoughts or clarify on rhe content.

    Cool Chilli’s view is that the thoughts of a father or mother figure (person in power ) easily percolate down the line. Even otherwise neutral or unsure persons could be swayed. One feels that with a Leader with extreme views like Trump, the chances of someone unsure or still neutral getting swayed are higher. Some of them may also get emboldened/influenced to take extreme steps.

    We have examples in India and the world of leader driven hate programs. Hence the thought.

    • Your thoughts are also a valid perspective in this case. The fact that Trump is the leader of one of the world’s most vibrant democracies will make him think many times over about taking decisions that show their country in poor light. His intentions may be noble but his execution of these intentions, and the way come across to an average Joe, leaves doubts in our mind

  2. It was a horrific unfortunate incident and should be looked at as just that. In no way does it reflect the mindset of an average American. In fact the guy who came forward to protect Shriniwas was himself an American. Neither does it reflect on the current POTUS – such incidents happened even during the previous incumbent’s reign but no one blamed him for spreading hatred and insecurity amongst the immigrant population