7 Times Champion – Lewis Hamilton – F1 Car Racing


Lewis Equals Michael’s Record Seven Championships

Lewis Hamilton was already in the pantheon of Formula One Racing greats. But there was One big number that Michael Schumacher owned and no one else. Seven World Championships. That number is now co-owned by Lewis.

Black Drivers Matter

Hamilton has always identified himself as a Black driver though he is half white. Braving not so comfortable means (his father, Anthony sometimes worked four jobs simultaneously as a contractor) Hamilton breached another citadel which had for long been the preserve of ‘white racers’.

Role Model

Akin to Tiger Woods (before his sad fall from fame), Lewis Hamilton has been a role model for children from non-white backgrounds. To Hamilton’s credit, he has been able to carry his fame and good fortune relatively well.

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Lewis’ Belief, ‘Live and Let Live’

Lewis is also one of Cool Chilli’s personal sports favorites. Not just for the points as mentioned above, but also for turning vegan (in 2017). He is a bit of an environmentalist too, but he also has his detractors often calling him a hypocrite which seems unfair.

Our World Needs Its Hamiltons

It is extremely difficult in today’s highly interconnected age to keep everything under wraps for long. Hence the best of idols in many cases end up having feet of clay as Tiger Woods’ case sadly demonstrated. Lewis Hamilton hopefully will be refreshingly different.

Lapping Up Lewis’ Performances In Awe

Lewis may or may not end up breaking all of his own and/ or Michael Schumacher’s records. But his current achievements despite the early disadvantages and the obvious ‘racism’ challenges is more than enough to make one wonder in awe. Wishing him the best for his future laps…

What Do YOU Think Of Lewis Hamilton’s Story? Would love to know.