Bravo ISRO! 20 in One Go. Bee’s Knees as usual.


IS ROcking! Yes it is. The Indian Space Research Organization has deployed a record 20  (Bees in Hindi )satellites in a single PSLV Launch. Considering it is the 35th consecutively successful mission of the PSLV programme, it must be Bee’s Knees as usual for ISRO. Now the satellite launch industry is worth billions and the competition in this ‘space’ must really have some bees in their bonnet.


In modern space technology, ISRO might still need a lot of catching up, but Cool Chilli recently came across something which gives a startling insight into ancient India’s knowledge of space and astronomy. In a typical Hindu wedding, one of the rituals is that of the groom showing the bride, the stars, Arundhati and Vashishta. Vashishta (Mizar star) was an ancient Indian Sage and Arundhati (Alcor star) his wife, in a very ideal marriage. The groom showing his bride (typically younger) these two stars was meant to educate her about an ideal marriage. Now modern astronomy tells us that these two stars are not separate stars but form a binary star system i.e each revolves around the other. The most amazing fact is that Mizar and Alcor are themselves not solitary but part of a Quadruple and Binary system respectively.

So we see two symbolisms here. 1) both partners need to revolve around each other, and 2) Their respective ‘family and friends’ eco-system are part of the ‘deal’.  What better example at the beginning of a partnership can one think of! One cannot but wonder at the wisdom of the ancients. Aum tat sat! Aam, Amen, Ameen. 


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