ITriple Talaaq, a travesty of tradition

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Triple Talaaq, ‘a travesty of tradition’?

Triple Talaaq has stirred deep debates in the corridors of power. The Supreme Court has asked the Government to respond on the a few points of Muslim Personal Law based on petitions filed by Muslim Women’s Group. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has objected to any changes in Muslim personal laws as violating the Sharia.

The Centre is planning to respond to the same on the grounds of discrimination of one gender by another, which violates the Constitution. Another approach by the Centre is showcasing the modification done in Personal Laws  by even countries typically Islamic.

Key Ministers in the Cabinet have suggested the above approach rather than take a Uniform Civil Code angle.



Cool Chilli’s Comments

The Centre seems to be approaching the entire issue in a very balanced manner. By approaching the case from a ‘fundamental rights’ of a citizen perspective, the discussion is rid of the trappings of religion. Also it attempts to sidestep the mindless rhetoric its ‘self imposed care-takers’ may entangle the beleaguered  community in. Very importantly the Centre tries to ensure that each individual is seen as a Citizen first. With all attendant rights thereof, irrespective of gender and religion.

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