BureauCrat, TN Chief Secretary Rama Mohana Rao, IAS. Bureau Craft leads to Bureau Graft


TN Chief Secretary Rama Mohana Rao, IAS. Bureaucrat

The TN Chief Secretary Mr Rama Mohana Rao has become the ex-Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu. The TN Government has sacked him. Ms Girija Vaidhyanathan Senior IAS officer will be his successor. The TN Chief Minister, Mr O Paneerselvam has taken this decision in consultation with the AIADMK ‘Leadership’.

Bureau Graft with Bureau Craft ?

The development is a fall out of the Income Tax Department’s raid at both the residential and office premises of Mr Rao. The IT dept has seized ‘unaccounted for’ money and other valuables. Sekar Reddy who had been caught with more than Rs 100 crores cash a few days earlier had led the authorities to suspect a nexus between Mr Rao, his son and himself.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Imagine raids at the home and office of the top-most bureaucrat of an important state. Maybe the highest level of corruption wherein the authorities have indicted our bureaucracy. Unprecedented in India. The last time something similar happened in Independent India was when Cool Chilli had been fresh out of college in the early 1990s. Then, for the first time in Parliament, motion for impeachment was initiated against Mr V Ramaswami, sitting Judge of the Supreme Court. He was charged for corruption, having spent extravagantly (in crores on office furniture at the tax payer’s expense). He escaped because the Congress abstained from voting!

Brave-hearts and Bureau- Hearts

Speaking of ostentatious furniture splurged in by corrupt officials of the court, Mr Khairnar comes to mind. Around the same time (as the V Ramaswami furore in the media) one had the opportunity to visit Mr Khairnar’s humble residence at Shivaji Park. Mr Khairnar, Deputy Commissioner at BMC, Asia’s richest Municipal Corporation, was almost always in the eye of a storm. His principles and refusal to bend to political pressures made him the common man’s darling. But he suffered personally and professionally. One recollects that his personal possessions were very few. He did not even have enough chairs to seat his visitors. We sat on the floor. A floor which could use some repair surely. This brave-heart bureaucrat went beyond his ‘official’ work. He also rescued minor girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas.

Of Didi Quixotes and the Windmills they tilt at

Coming back to Mr Rama Mohana Rao, no one is questioning the raid. Almost no one that is. The Big Sister of Amar Bangla, Ms Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal is the exception. This Lady Leader may well turn out to be feminine Don Quixote of Indian politics, if she already is not. She has accused the Centre of vindictive behaviour. A few weeks back she accused New Delhi of attempting a coup at Kolkatta.

One wonders why Didi is rattled over the raid in Chennai. She is known to be a clean lady personally (even voted as India’s cleanest politician by IAC). She may be wishing there is nothing going wrong in Writer’s Building. Even unwittingly, she would not wish Delhi’s writ in Kolkatta. Or maybe Jayalalithaa’s helplessness in the face of fate is preying on her mind. Even the powerful men and women of seldom realize that sometimes we have little recourse as mortals. Just Pray and Hope that Karma doesn’t catch up anytime soon!

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