The Indian Tan gets a bad bLeach as the Bess team wins the First Cricket Test Match of the series at Chennai


Planning Prepares Us For Performance

For this Test Cricket series, England skipper Joe Root had done his homework well. He had planned for his team to bat India out in the first innings itself. Root led from the front and planted himself on the pitch for the first two days.

Captain’s Knocks Lead The Way

In Cricket we remember seeing Captain’s Knocks more when the team is direly in need of the batsman’s contribution. This could be either in pursuit of a victory or to prevent a defeat. Thus, these innings would typically come in the second innings (in Test Cricket).

Fine Orchestration Of A Plan Well Made

But the recently concluded test match showcased a good example of a Captain’s Knock coming not as an urgent imperative. On the contrary it was as part of a fine orchestration of a plan well made.

Sibley(ng) Stokes The Fire Well

A good team effort, not just in batting. While opener Sibley and Ben Stokes chipped in with good half centuries in the first innings the four main bowlers also contributed well.

The Bess Team Wins AndHerSons make Her Majesty proud

Dom Bess provided the initial impetus with Archer AndHerSons made Her Majesty proud. The famous Indian tan is left struggling with a little bLeach on it.

Hope from The Great Indian Rope Trick, Down Under

Some weeks ago, the Indian team was in a similar situation in Australia. It lost the first test match by folding up for 36 runs in their second innings. But it also came out of their coffin Down Under, by coming up with its version of the proverbial Great Indian Rope Trick considered the world’s greatest magic act. The Indian’s teams final series performance is also considered by experts to be one of the best magical performances in all of cricketing history.

Tossing Of The Rope

In the actual magic, the toss of the coil (of rope) upwards may have been a critical element of the act. The magic on Indian pitches could also be about mastering the toss of the coin. Kohli may coyly admit to that!

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