Taimur one thinks, Kareena’s choice doesn’t seem Saif.

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Taimur one thinks, Kareena’s choice doesn’t seem Saif.

Broadly, the birth of a baby in the family gladdens one’s hearts. It signifies the continuity of the family line. It is a source of joy for the grandparents, all the uncles and aunts. If the parents are public figures or celebrities, the fans also jump into the general celebrations, at least metaphorically.

Many couples married against their families’ wishes also find that the birth of their baby works as a catalyst to reunite them with their near and dear ones. All these positive outcomes of a baby’s birth happen without the baby’s name being known or the baby being named in the first place. The name of the baby would be incidental. It matters to the lay public, if at all, only in academic interest or as a point of information for gossip.

But naming the baby Taimur/Timur (Iron in Arabic) has stirred a hornet’s nest. Honestly, assuming slightly above average IQ,  Saif and Kareena could not have expected less.

Cool Chilli’s Views

If Saif or Kareena were in the iron and steel business or were planning to start one, there would be no further discussion. If Saif and Kareena were not educated enough and had grown up only in an Arabic gated community, there would again be no further discussion. Had Saif and Kareena not been celebrities, surely there would not have been any discussion in the social media, including here at NewsTikka.com. Whether they acknowledge it or not, both of them have been the beneficiaries of the public’s presence in or contribution to their lives and hence they cannot wish the public’s reaction away. The market finally decides their continued commercial success. But being creative guys especially in Indian cinema with much emotions and sentiments, they may have disappointed many. Especially if one them were steeped in History as Kareena claims Saif to be.

Naming a baby: Adolf in Israel, Attila in Europe, Idi Amin in Uganda

Imagine a barely educated couple in Israel or Europe or Uganda. Would they be naming their kid after Adolf Hitler or Attila or Idi Amin.  Will an American couple name their kid, Osama (Bin Laden), however leonine his birth cries.

Yes they could.

But they are exposing one, some or all of the following: (please check link)

  1. Their ignorance or very limited understanding of history.
  2. Complete insensitivity to their milieu
  3. Their myopia about their kid’s future. Exposure to bullying and taunts. Unless the plan is to insulate him from their respective domestic environment, which has its own disadvantages in any case.

So many beautiful role models and Arabic names to choose from. And Kareena Saifly, chose Taimur. Taimur one thinks, the more one shudders.

Our Best Wishes to Little Taimur. We hope the sins of fathers and namesakes don’t visit this innocent baby.

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