Shame! No QuOTA to name Metro station after Army Academy
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Shame! No QuOTA to name Metro station after Army Academy

The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) seems to be steaming ahead with the naming of the Metro Stations and one of the stations is Nanganallur Road Station. Nanganallur literally means the

place of good natured women (Nangai-Nallur). This place is a large residential suburb near the said Metro Station. Therefore there is nothing wrong in calling the station Nanganallur one should say.

The OTA outcry

But imagine if there is a premier institute near the station. Not just another premier institute but the Army’ Officer Training Academy itself. It not only is a pride of our country and our defence forces but is also a symbol of Women’s Equality. Both Men and Women Officers pass out of its portals. Marching together, ready to protect the world’s largest democracy.

Any station should be eager to carry the OTA name. But the OTA administration has not been successful in getting the station named after the OTA till now.

Cool Chilli’s Thoughts

One NewsTikka team member is misty-eyed as he writes this. Nostalgia trasports him back to his school days. He felt great pride when the road adjoining his school (The SIWS High School) in Mumbai was renamed as Major Parameshwaran Road!

Major Parameshwaran belonged to The Mahar Regiment. He had led his team in Srilanka as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF). He was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra (PVC) for his bravery there. The PVC is the nation’s Highest Military Decoration and only 21 PVCs have been awarded so far. Incidentally this Major had passed out of the OTA at Chennai.

The CMRL or related authorities should graciously re-consider their decision. Agreeing to include the OTA as part of the station’s name would be a great PR exercise too. An ‘OTA – Nanganallur’ gives a great feel to the station’s name. It also remindes us of the OTA’s contribution to the Nation.

Good natured ladies (remember Nangai- Nallur) would surely not mind Officers and Gentlemen as company. The same Officers the entire Nation adores, adorns this station. If not in person, through their alma mater!

Please note: the word Officers above refers to Ladies too.

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