Serum Lab to resume But how stable will be the health of horses
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Serum Lab to resume. But how stable will be the health of horses?

The TN Government has decided to re-start the laboratory to make anti-snake venom. It had been closed in 2000, following the ill-health of the horses kept in the stables behind the institute. Activists had then raised issues about the abuse of the horses used for Serum production beyond norms.

While the TN government has communicated its adherence to global standards in its restoration of the Laboratory and building etc, it is silent on the way it is going to avoid replication of the abuse in its stables.

The Hanuman of the Western World, Hercules cleaned the Augean Stables in a day as he vowed to. But after 16 years, the Tamil Nadu government has decided to reopen its Laboratory with none the wiser on whether the processes in its stables are also clean in all respects.

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