Jail ConVictoria, Queen of Con! Sasikala surrenders in Bangalore. Becomes Qaidi or KD No 9435.



Sasikala surrenders after SC verdict; Jail ConVictoria, the Queen of Con

Sasikala Surrenders. The Apex Court turned down her plea to delay her surrender. The Supreme Court had in its verdict on Monday, convicted her in the disproportionate assets case. The Lady with the List (of MLAs) will now be part of the list of convicts cooling their heels in a Bangalore jail.streaming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie

Amma meant her to be just a Chinnamma, if at all. Chinnamma or Chinnakya tried to be a Chanakya. Chinnakya hoped to be a Chandragupta. She ends up as ConVictoria. The Queen of Con!

Mistress of the Mannargudi Mafia 

The brazen approach of this Mistress of the Mannargudi Mafia had held not only Tamil Nadu, but the entire country in her thrall for the past few weeks.  Most major Television Channels across the country were busy deliberating on the various possibilities that lay before the Governor. The options for choosing  the  Chief Minister of a pivotal state for some time. The Supreme Court Verdict, gave  the added dimension  to these debates.

Jaya TV (under Sasi’s control) meanwhile was trolled for playing the Ostrich. Imagine news professionals at Jaya TV having to showcase a lady cutting vegetables on a kitchen show. Other channels were going to town, relishing the eventuality of Sasikala counting bars in jail. ‘Bangalored’  can’t just be for US, can be for them too, the Mafiosi from Mannargudi, one guesses, mamma mia!   

The Wisdom of the Ocean of Knowledge

First appointing a CM and then apprehending her for the crime, is something the Governor has avoided doing. The Wisdom of the Governor (VidyaSagar –Literally Ocean of Knowledge) in pre-empting the  mockery of the constitutional process did the trick.  Whether out of his infinite knowledge of constitutional processes or because of his composure in navigating the ocean of uncertainty TN politics currently is floating in, we don’t know. But His Excellency, the Governor Rao seems to be the right person for the role.

Proxies and Edubidis can thwart ‘Democracy’

The way he would continue handling the State’s political scenario could mark him out in red letters. On one hand is the current/ Caretaker CM, Mr Panneerselvam (OPS). He is overwhelmingly, the people’s favourite but currently can claim support of only 10-12 MLAs.  On the other hand we have  Sasikala’s proxy, her edubidi (errand man in Tamil), Mr Edapadi Palaniswamy. He claims to hold a list of 120 MLAs.     

The irony in our Democracy. Once the people have voted, their representatives are technically able to take decisions which the masses are against. 

Plied and Piled – Food/Drink and Pressure    

Now these 120 odd MLAs have been confined in a resort on the outskirts of Chennai  for the past few days. Sasikala plied the MLAs with food and drink.  Also piled pressure / Pleasure on them to profess support for her (her proxy’s) candidature. This caused a few to ‘escape’ the agony they were subjected to. Escaping the Aunty and moving over to the OPS camp, must have been ecstasy.

Pity the MLAs. After long, they need to make their numbers count.  

One kind of pities these MLAs. On the one hand , they are under disguised pressure to show pleasure  by the mafia, to support an errand boy  (who already has various charges against him).  On the other, their electorate may not forgive them (if they did not back OPS). Tamil Nadu MLAs, never having had to tax their Legislative brains for a large part of TN history, never saw this coming, surely!

Render Unto Caeser but Surrender Completely! 

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, said Jesus ,  two millennia back. Sasi, Render unto CM Sir, what is CM Sir’s, may be the Janata’s (people’s voice). That would be true Surrender, but then one cannot expect a lady who began as Amma’s caretaker and ended up (as some allege) as an Undertaker to really understand propriety. Pro Piety she cannot be. What a pity!

The Weed that plants Woe in the Garden  

The weed can sometimes feast on not just a garden, but an entire Veedu (house in Tamil, Poes Garden)…… nay,  an entire state as alleged! The husband weed and the nephew weeds were plucked out long back by Amma Jayalalitha. They are being planted again by Aunty Weed.    

We are reminded of the Lantana which is eating away at our forests…..