Sasikala and other Politicians enjoy the Trappings of Power. The Citizen works and pays taxes…Oops!

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Political Leaders ‘stake their lives’ as they play with ours? – Mrs Vikram (A Reader)   

  • Every time I saw a political Representative whiz past me, I used to wonder about the men in grey/ dark blue. It is completely understandable that a popular leader voted to power by the common man and liked by all may be mobbed and thus may require this kind of security to ensure safety and security.
    The human citizen recalls the heart wrenching incident that transpired in Sriperambudur,
    Chennai while Shri. Rajiv Gandhi was campaigning in Tamilnadu. Thus I 
    completely agree that political leaders who have won the heart of millions and are
    powerful leaders may face security threats from unknown quarters.

    Security for Ms. Sasikala? Come Again, Please!  

    I, the human citizen was however surprised to see the security for Ms.V.K.Sasikala who as on date is neither popular with the citizens of Tamilnadu/India/world nor is an ‘endorsed’ leader. The beeline of security and the personnel running along with her vehicle made me think.

    The Citizen’s Concerns

    I, the human citizen, am sincere in paying my tax money. I feel let down when I see my tax money (agree a drop in the ocean) wasted on these so called leaders’
    My taxes are given to me in a platter but I am not allowed to choose what to pay and what not to. I pay it all. Across various heads, income tax, water tax, sewerage tax, road tax, service tax, educational cess, property tax (however modest my home may be) and so on. There may be more taxes/surcharges that I may have missed listing.
    I, as a proud taxpaying and honest citizen of this country have a smile fixed on
    my face when I pay these taxes. I completely agree that it is my duty to
    pay my taxes for the development of my country.

    Citizens’ Money Feeds Politician’s Ego ?

    But the question in the human citizen in me is,
    o “Am I paying tax to shield and protect a person who has a never ending list
    of cases against her?”
    o Has she every filed her IT returns until date, Maybe she never earned
    enough legally, to pay.
    o For a moment when I got to hear of the companies listed in her name
    (though haven’t verified them personally if it belongs to her), I went crazy
    and the citizen in me who is the typical salaried middle class
    wondered, “Will she ever know she is looting and not earning”. Earning
    after all is a common mans struggle!
    Is my tax money that I have struggled to EARN and PAY being lavishly spent on so
    called self proclaimed leaders? My dear elected Representatives you have a duty to
    answer me for my tax money….Don’t you?
  • The human citizen in me is shocked to read that in India, there is 1 policeman for 761
    citizens i.e. 131 cops for a Lakh of population, whereas for every Indian VIP there are 3
    police personnel, ( Is not the human citizen the actual VIP? Are VIPs made or born?
    Image result for devendra fadnavis

    The Citizen Salutes Devendra Fadnavis. 

    I, the human citizen salute Shri.Devendra Fadnavis, CM of Maharashtra for asking the
    state home department to remove his Z plus security in 2014 (Courtesy: as he felt he faced no security threats. One assumes he felt safer with his own citizens as he is their elected Representative. The CM of the State contributing the maximum GDP to India, feels public money need not be wasted.
    Maybe Chinnamma the Chief Ministership aspirant  to the Tamil Nadu (second largest contributor to India’s GDP) can still learn a few things from Devendra. But whatever she has learnt (and showcased) thus far does not augur well for Tamil Nadu or India. They only speak of the values she cherishes. God Save Tamil Nadu!     

(We are thankful to our reader Mrs Vikram for sharing her views. They echo the sentiments of many like-minded citizens)

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