President Alexander Look Ye Shun Cloth

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When a respected President makes a slip during a speech, there may be some smiles and winks, but the matter is largely buried. But the President in question is Alyaksandr Lukashenko of Belarus, running an authoritarian regime for two decades. He inadvertently exhorts people to get ‘undressed and work’ instead of ‘develop and work’, due to the phonetic similarity of the words.

Citizens mockingly interpreted this as a command from their President Look Ye Shun Cloth to work naked. Cool Chilli is reminded of an attempt by the Japanese government to reduce their energy bills. They encouraged their staff to dress less, skipping formal suits which will reduce the need for more air-conditioning during summer months. Maybe President Look Ye Shun Cloth could still implement this scheme more formally in the name of austerity measures.


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