Part 3 – Long Live Democracy tweets the PM Narendra Modi. The Silent Majority waking up from Secular Slumber?



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The Silent Majority increasingly supporting BJP? 

The majority of the many initial doubters are beginning to respect this BJP government. This government looks to be doing just what the Doctor prescribed for the country (barring a few incidents that balanced BJP supporters look askance at). If one doesn’t hold the government’s interest in understanding and promoting ancient Indian values against it, the Centre seems to be doing a decent job. Those who feared a heavy dose of right wing propaganda are disarmed by the one point agenda voiced by Mr Modi/the BJP,  the agenda of development, social and economic prosperity for the masses.

But Cool Chilli believes there is another far more increasingly pertinent reason. Many of the silent majority  (including the typically secular) middle of the road citizens are slowly changing. The change wrought by their perceived threat of the increasing missionary activities in the country. The typical secular middle class / upper middle class lady who would otherwise be neutral may receive a sudden jolt when her maid informs her that she and her family have also converted.

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The Lady of the House ‘wakes up from a secular slumber’

It does not help that the maid has been slowly building up to this ‘breaking news’ situation. First it had been her neighbours who had been induced, then most of the colony/ housing board where she stayed and then finally the maid herself. All they had to do was sign a register and go each Sunday for worshipping for which they would be paid on a family member basis. 

This upper middle class ’employer’ also receives a Whats App message which spoke of the threat of Hindus becoming minorities in India by 2040. Now the actual figures may be different. On a normal day, this lady, an engineer  may actually doubt the data points provided in the message and reason that it would take atleast a hundred years for her to become a minority in ‘Hindustan’, the relentless march of the missionaries notwithstanding.  She may even have deleted the message without reading it fully. That is on a normal day.

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But today or in the days post her maid’s confession, she forwards the message to all and sundry. Because she feels the stories Jijabai had  told Chattrapati Shivaji, the stories she has heard from her own mother or grand mother need to be narrated by her own grand daughter down the line.

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