Part 1 – Maneka Gandhi upset with Caesarean Deliveries ratio. WHO says 15%. TN at 34% , Telangana at 58% defy normal.

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C-Section Deliveries becoming normal?? concept: Illustration: Artist Soorya

Maneka Gandhi upset with Caesarean Deliveries ratio

Mrs Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister for Women and Child Development is seeing red with the Medical fraternity. She wishes the Medical Institutions across the country to display the ratio/number  of normal births versus Caesarean births. This will help potential Consumers/Customers take an informed decision.   Ms Gandhi wishes the Union Health Minister to take steps towards this end. 

A Mother Petitions Minister Maneka

The immediate trigger is a petition raised on Change.Org, by Subharna Ghosh. Ms Ghosh went through a harrowing experience. She was misled into undergoing a C-Section (delivery), though she could have had a normal delivery.

The Figures are Frightening

The WHO recommends a ratio of 10-15% of deliveries to be C-Section ones. Thus at least 85 births out of every 100 births ought to be normal. And a thumb rule maximum of 15 births out of every hundred only should be through C-Section.

But private hospitals in Telangana have almost 75% births through C-Section. The figures for West Bengal private hospitals are 70%+.  The average across Telangana (across both Private and Government hospitals) is 58%. In Tamil Nadu (across Private and public) the figure is 34%. 

Cool Chilli’s Comments

 … be continued in Part 2 

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