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Trump – A WASP in Racism’s grasp ?

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Trump – A WASP in Racism’s grasp ?

Trump cannot do many things correctly, so it would seem from a conservative American perspective. Right from allegations (of Russian intervention) around his unexpected electoral success, to reports and claims of misdemeanours with women (from his very racy past), Trump has ensured the mainstream media has enough material to chew on. 

 Viewing neutrally, one would think, he has surely been a mould-breaker. He has had the gall to call a spade a spade on a few issues (though seemingly undiplomatic / politically incorrect). He has even created initial disquiet among new found ‘friends’ as India and went against the traditional US stance of mollifying Pakistan. The latter is a significant change in US positioning considering Pakistan’s increasing bon homie with China.    

The WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), Trump may have actually used the politically incorrect and personally hurting words to describe people from other countries/ races. But it is difficult to isolate him for the prejudice. Agreed, as the leader of the World’s Superpower, he could be a better role model….. especially in using  language more suitable for living rooms. But then  using inappropriate words with or without actually meaning it, is hardly his fault alone. As Jesus said, “….let the person who has done no wrong be the first one to stone….”.  

Cool Chilli’s Views

At, we believe each of us has the potential/ obligation to become a better human. That objective is met easier by each one identifying their own follies first. While it is the done thing to call out ‘straying’ leaders, it is as good a time as any to take stock and check how we stand on similar value platforms.

When a valuable item has gone missing, have we not immediately suspected the housemaid or the driver, only to find it a few hours later where we had last left it. Have we not, while interviewing canidates, felt more drawn to a certain candidate from a background more similar to us, as opposed to another one from a different denomination. 

The idea of this piece is not to excuse Donald Trump, but to use the story for introspection. improve our thought processes to override the natural ‘people like us’ vs ‘people like them’ bias that creeps in automatically.        

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Be ISRO or ISI baath pe attke raho

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Crowning Glory of a Plural/ Democratic India

Be ISRO or ISI baath pe attke raho

India as a country has come a long way. It has built several institutions which are  comparable to the best in the world (if not the best). The Indian Space Research Organization, if not the Jewel in India’s Crown is amongst its great accomplishments.

A bit disconcerted with ISRO’s 100th launch which put 31 satellites in different orbits, Pakistan now warns about the increasing threat (to Pakistan), due to ISRO’s success. Pakistan, founded on the idea of an ISLAMIC State is more ISI  (Pakistan’s terror nurturing outfight) and less CALM. A sad state of affairs where minorities are routinely roasted. And sadder that even the majority is divided into enough minorities to make the Quaid-e-azam’s idea behind Pakistan’s formation look quixotic.

The real Jewel in India’s crown meanwhile is its ability to make its Democratic Institutions work despite all the challenges. and internal naysayers. Not just becoming a senior Technocrat and a Space Research Organization Leader, a devout Muslim with a humble background can become its First Citizen too. With his long locks, the venerable Abdul Kalam may also be referred to, as the Crowning Glory of India’s Egalitarianism and Pluralism. 

The message for Pakistan is clear. Become like India/ ISRO or ISI baat pe attke raho (become like ISRO or remain stuck in your rhetoric). A Tamil proverb says One can keep falling on the ground and still claim moral victory on the ground that the moustache is still free of dust.  

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Best Baked Creatively …… Of Rani Padmini and Bilkis Bano

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Best Baked Creatively ……Of Rani Padminis and Bilkis Banos


A hundred years he suffered 

A writer’s block can be stifling

A pal then said “Try Psy” ….Psyllium Husk

And Lie-a-cut Khan found life worth living.


In relief the Khan got creative

A hundred years’ pain becomes distant memory

Lending both enchantment and poetic licence to the view.


Whether for Best or worst, the Bakery

Bakes some stories in its fertile oven 

Justice can be bemused. Surely Sister Bano wasn’t abused 

There was no carnage, no rape of the innocent

Just a few lovelorn youths getting delinquent.

Bereft of sensitivity, creativity could be mockery

To paint Lust as just a Romance gone awry.




No brother of Sister Banu or son of Mother Padmini

Need feel enraged in private too….

For we can be creative like this only.    

For all we know, Allaudin Khilji had been a noble soul….

Temples as far south as Madurai got desecrated on their own…..

No public outrage, this needs trigger

For we are secular and is not Allahu Akbar?

No public outrage, this needs trigger

For we are secular and is not Allahu Akbar? 

(NewsTikka stands for the secular, democratic and plural fabric of India. The above is based on newspaper reports of insensitive portrayal of Allaudin Khilji and Rani Padmini or Padmavati. Mr Bhansali has ostensibly refuted this, but the film is still under wraps, awaiting release on Dec 1, 2017. The filmaker has refused a screening to select stakeholders  maybe to protect his commercial interests, but this has only triggered a lot of unease, including the one as evinced above. NewsTikka is all for protecting the creative licenses of artists, but artists should also be sensitive to sensibilities)

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#MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame #SheToo Deserves Respect

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#MeToo He is a part of sHe. vice versa #SheToo deserves respect

 #MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame #SheToo Deserves Respect

#MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame

We exit the womb’s watery warmth and survive thanks to her toughness

In the joy of childhood rivalry, she loses to see her sibling win

At school, she can make most squirm in her academic shadow

At high school/ college, her  effervescence leaves one’s infatuation hopeless

At University, academic scores soar despite domestic chores !!!

China’s Cry on the Dalai: “You Bet, Terror We can Abet; But you avoid the Lama from Tibet”

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picture courtesy; The Economic Times

China’s Cry on the Dalai: “You Bet, Terror We can Abet; But you avoid the Lama from Tibet”


We are concerned about our People’s Welfare 

Even in Hong Kong we wish a Tiananmen Square;

We are all for peaceful co-existence….

Why then we wonder, are our borders always tense;

We are China

ErrRAWtica! Agent and A Lady. Comic Strips Ethics.

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ErrRAWtica! Agent and A Lady. Comic Strips Ethics !

Trends in Journalism 

For some time now, we have been feeling Journalism (print + Audio visual) could not plumb newer depths.  In the past few decades, we have read/ seen/ ‘hearst‘ about quite a few blunders (to put them very mildly). Journalists writing about a mob/ massacre that never happened. TV anchors unwittingly or otherwise telling ISI/ Pakistan army where the Indian army men working on a sensitive operation were. 

There used to be a time when mainstream newspapers were prudish to the point of being ‘stale’. They used to look down at tabloids as ‘yellow journalism‘ etc.  Those were the Times. TOImes are changing and how. We definitely have some positive changes. News being presented in a more reader friendly and attractive manner. We also have typical mainstream papers trying to cater to all segments of potential readership. Sports, Economics, Social Change, just to name a few, in addition to politics. Even the latter (traditionally associated the most with News media) is enlivened with informative graphics. For some years now, amidst our Busybee lives we have also had the likes of Alec Smart tickling our grey cells in a Jugular VeinCool Chilli’s Salutations to Bachi Karkaria,  Jug Suraiya and the late Behram Contractor!!! 

Agent Rana : Licence to be Licentious?

For some years now, filmfare and flimsy wear have also been added to increase the glamour quotient of newspapers. Somehow one just shrugged and took it in one’s stride. Most of us sub-consciously know that many of these film folks anyway live lives, which we ordinary mortals would not be able to lead or for that matter, even follow!!!

But just when we thought that the Editors and their bosses have had enough libido pressed into their Licences, we see licentiousness creeping in graphically. On one hand there is a SPARK to encourage (young) students to read more of the paper in pursuit of TIMES scholarship. But sadly enough, these young and fertile minds are also being shown and sown with ideas which would make any right thinking reader squirm. Agent Rana can act RAW with Alia if she feels the time is ripe. Inter Alia, she can be focussed on her story. She may hit it off with Rana and they may hit the sack together too. But the idea being subliminally (read blatantly) conveyed is that the end justifies the means. It is all right to do anything as long as it is fun/adventurous.

Shenanigans of agent and lady journalist (or vice versa…. no gender/ professional stereotyping) may be age old. But not in a newspaper which is exhorting young readers/ leaders to read/ lead. Agent or a Lady, but Rana-ing out of ethics is Scandalous and Scary ….

Credo: Just facts please. But Get It…. Lifted or Laid.  

Any reporter/ journalist (could be any professional for that matter), otherwise hardworking and intelligent cannot complain to his or her boss. If the Supervisor were to ask him or her, “Have you done enough on the subject/ with the subject?” Whether male or female, the answer has to be, with all gravity, ” I have even been lifted and/ or laid!!”.  Favours/ tactics of the intercourse kind are par for the coitus. Do what it takes, but get the story……get the idea??? We need to put the newspaper to bed, so please put your morality/ ethics to bed as well.

There is a lot of debate on professional ethics these days and especially so in journalism. For example, reports on a visit have to clearly mention that such and such entity has funded the visit. Maybe it would become mandatory for journalists to mention that they have not been ‘lifted or laid’ by any of the ‘characters/ by-standers’ in the story. So much for professional upliftment.

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‘Neukdari’ Trump & Nukedari Kim Jong-un : Of one ‘Nuke’dari calling another, Neukdari

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of Nukedaris and nuekdari

‘Neukdari’ Trump & Nukedari Kim Jong-un : Of one ‘Nuke’dari calling another, Neukdari

Trump calls Kim Jong-un, Rocket Man

‘Neukdari’ President Donald Trump of the United States of America called the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, ‘Rocket Man’. This appeared to be a mocking reference to Kim’s recent bravado or boorish attempts to impress/ threaten various stakeholders observing North Korea.

Kim Jong-un calls Trump a dotard

Kim Jong-un responded by calling Trump a mentally deranged US ‘dotard’. English language enthusiasts in the West have tried to understand whether dotard is an actual English word which it is anyway. They have also done a small analysis on the equivalent Korean word. It seems there are two Korean words which are similar to dotard. One is Neukdari and the other is Michigwangi. North Korean official-dom typically prefers the former i.e. Neukdari. North Korea has used it on prior occasions too, especially to belittle South Koreans.

The neukdari among Nuke-daris

In India, we refer to beings/ gods/ goddesses by various means. Some of them could be as child or children of such and such father. It could also be as progeny of such  and such mother…for eg. the Pandavas are the sons of King Pandu or Kunthiputra means a son of the mother Kunthi.

Similarly we assign names to users of a particular vehicle or wielders of a particular weapon.  Goddess Durga is referred to as Sherawali (riding a Tiger). Gada-dari means someone who wields a mace (gada) like Lord Hanuman or Prince Bheem in the Mahabharata.

Returning to Trump and Kim, only a few nations have nuclear weapons or Nuke(s). Thus, we could call their respective leaders, Nukedaris. Thus to Putin jest, at a Macron level, Trump May be called a Nukedari as also the Wrong ‘un, known as Jong-un. For India, Pakistan Israel nuisance with border peace as fragile as (fine) China.

But then, the Pakistani Army is full of wrong ‘uns. Interestingly, they haven’t used the neukdari word on any Indian PM… yet.

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Well conceived. TN’s Plan to improve maternal and baby health. Compulsory registration of pregnancy

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Compulsory Registration of Pregnancy, Well conceived. TN’s Plan to improve maternal and baby health.

Compulsory registration of pregnancy. Well conceived. TN’s Plan to improve maternal and baby health.

The Tamil Nadu State Government is planning a laudable scheme. The idea is to make formal registration of pregnancy mandatory. The State Health Secretary Mr J Radhakrishnan believes this will help reduce infant mortality rates (infant deaths per 1,000 live births)  and maternal mortality rates (maternal deaths per 100,000 live births). 

TN already faring well vis a vis Rest of India

  male female total
Infant Mortality Rates (deaths per 1000 live births) 2008 2013 2008′ 2013′ 08 13
India 52 39 55 42 53 40
Kerala 10 10 13 13 12 12
Tamil Nadu 30 20 33 21 31 21
Maternal Mortality Rates (deaths per 100,000 live births) 2004-06 2007-09 2010-12 2011-13  
India 254 212 178 167  
Kerala 95 81 66 61  
Maharashtra 130 104 87 68  
Tamil Nadu 111 97 90 79  


Tamil Nadu is already faring well. It ranks second (behind) Kerala on infant mortality (21 for TN and 12 for Kerala). On maternal mortality, only Kerala and Maharashtra are better (79-TN, 68 – Maharashtra and 61 – Kerala) . As this data from 2008-13 shows, Punjab has reduced (improved) best on both these rates. Against All-India drops of 25% each in 2013 against 2008 rates, TN has the second highest percentage drops in both these indices  32% for Infants and 33% for mothers.  Punjab with 37% and 36% respectively has had the largest drops in this five year period. 

Communicating Conceptions 

It is never a easy choice to make for would be parents. When to announce the news of the would-be mother’s pregnancy is one. Whom to inform first? Whether the girl’s mother or the boy’s mother to put it (ironically) humourously. When to communicate to friends/ neighbours/ relatives/ etc could be another poser. The Registrar of Conceptions will now definitely know, courtesy the doctor or hospital that the expectant mother/ couple frequent.

Programs to improve health, especially of the vulnerable sections are very welcome. However with this move one cannot but wonder about the increasing ‘Big Brother’ watch on individual citizens. Even George Orwell in his 1984 would not have remotely suspected how a State could actually implement the ‘Big Brother’ program. The young Aadhar Card program in India is slowly getting ‘embedded’, socially, politically, financially, et al. 

Stages in the Process. ‘Registration’ rearing its ‘roving eye/head’ ?

In ending, the typical Indian family goes though four stages in the child birth process. Two of these, marriage and birth of child already need to be mandatorily registered in India. Tamil Nadu is now proposing regulation on registering pregnancy. Only one stage is still private. For how long, one cannot say!

Other Questions

Besides these potential ‘on-line’ onslaughts on offline activities, many might still have mis-givings about the recent development. What if there is a miscarriage? The trauma / ‘social stigma’ associated with it, were the information to be made public. Or what if the pregnancy itself had been a misconception, rather ‘mis-diagnosis’? A few years back, a lady believed to be pregnant was later discovered very sadly to be carrying a tumour. Or what if the person (from a very conservative environment) has conceived but wishes to keep the news under wraps since she is still a miss?  Are the laws and processes robust enough to respect her right to privacy, even if she can muster the courage to register her pregnancy. 

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How Invaginasive!

Boeing to usher in pilotless jets thanks to AI

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Boeing to usher in pilotless jets thanks to AI

Ahead of the Paris Air Show, commercial jet maker Boeing said that pilotless jetliners were a possibility in the not so far future. Drones are already making their presence felt in various fields. 2016 being one of the safest years for the aviation industry may also be giving confidence. The manufacturer may be looking at niche markets hitherto not well served which may benefit from point to point services enabled by artificial intelligence (AI).   

Pilotless Flying. Nothing Artificial About IT

Musk is not Elon in leveraging artificial intelligence. If Tesla’s Khan can, Boeing being Boeing surely can. The only caveat is that even driverless cars have had their trials and tribulations before becoming relatively mainstream. Even now, we see some accidents/ death due to the gaps in the software (artificial intelligence). That is understandable because the AI is built on the concept of improving with more inputs/ feedback over repeated uses. Mistakes and subsequent mistake proofing are intrinsic to the development of a robust AI asset/ ecosystem.   

Pilotless Benefits: Of the Cat’s Whiskers, catnaps and Whiskeys

A pilot’s job is no doubt a very responsible one and stressful to boot. They may hence be forgiven for their ‘arrogance’. On its part, AI seems a natural evolution to Information Technology, nothing artificial about it. But till such time that this pilotless technology becomes mainstream, pilots can continue to be the cat’s whiskers.  The positive takeaway for the average flyer is that he or she need not worry much about cat naps being taken in the cock-pit or whiskeys being downed.

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