Long Live Democracy, tweets PM Mr Narendra Modi! But lets Organize Oxygen for the Opposition first!



Long Live Democracy!

Opposition and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted his words of Congratulation on the BJP’s  and Mr Modi’s success. The Indian PM, also responded by tweeting ‘Long Live Democracy’. The assembly elections across five states including the all important Uttar Pradesh one have highlighted the belief the mass cutting across denominations, has in India’s Prime Minister.

Demonetization may not have yielded the results Mr Modi and his team may have hoped to achieve. But it showed his courage to take tough calls. If the common man and woman still stood by the man who made their daily lives tougher than it already had been, it only underlines the abject hopelessness they have been pushed to, by sucessive governments at the states and at the Centre.

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Nepotism and Corruption Inc.

The INC, the Indian National Congress has morphed into various forms including Congress (I) i.e Congress (Indira). This party has taken the Lion’s share of power (across Central and State Governments) in Independent India’s 70 (almost) years. It has also become fashinable to lay many of India’s ills at INC’s door, some with genuine reasons.  Two of India’s key Prime Ministers  (as in link) also hailed from the ‘first family’ of INC. Hence they also need to take responsibility for the challenges they have dragged the nation through. We also need to acknowledge the positives they have bestowed on us, thankfully.

Cool Chilli was pleasantly surprised to read the above mentioned article written objectively, which shared a few points we somehow miss thanking the Family INC Prime Ministers, for.  

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man 

Mr Modi seems tailor made for India. While he may have his weak areas, he has for the most part not made them very evident. He has been very calculatedly talking more about social and economic development of the downtrodden and initiated measures towards that end.

But it has not been easy for Modi too. While politically, he may have proven himself, his government has yet to show much progress on many socio-economic parameters relevant to the common man. Not that this comes as a surprise. As CM of Gujarat, he would have undoubtedly had it easier, though it was his first brush with administration and governance as a public servant. Being PM of India, is a different Bharat game altogether. 

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  1. With Modi on the ascendancy, things will start to change. I have always believed that for new ideas to come in the old ones have to be shaken up and discarded if it plays spoilsport to the new idea. Such ideas may not succeed always, but try you must! And Modi seems to have mastered the art of introducing disruptive dynamics in the polity of India. I personally may not agree with all his ideas but I will not reject it outright. Exciting times ahead for India. It seems like India is now an idea whose time has come!!!