Odious Ah Satrap asks security man to unstrap and strap sandals
photo courtesy: indianexpress.com

Odious, Ah! Satrap cannot bend for his sandal strap.

Mr Yogendra Behera is a senior party leader and minister in the BJP (Biju Janata Dal) government in Odisha. For the Independence Day festivities, in the Keonjhar district of Odisha, Yogendra (literally meaning The Lord of Yoga) asked his Personal Security Officer  (PSO) to unstrap his sandals and later also strap them on.

This may be revolting and demeaning to most of us. Not so for many politicians, maybe. In their rise to power they might have bent and distorted their spines in ways even experienced practitioners of Yoga may baulk at. To these kinds of Politicians, Seriousness in their Samaj-Seva (Service to Society) begins with Servility. Sincerity may be moth-balled and sine die.

Hence it is to be expected that once they (the Yogendras and those of his ilk) reach some level of importance in the Government eco-system, they wish to instill spine contorting discipline in those around them.  The unfortunate officials too grin and bear it.

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