‘Neukdari’ Trump & Nukedari Kim Jong-un : Of one ‘Nuke’dari calling another, Neukdari


‘Neukdari’ Trump & Nukedari Kim Jong-un : Of one ‘Nuke’dari calling another, Neukdari

Trump calls Kim Jong-un, Rocket Man

‘Neukdari’ President Donald Trump of the United States of America called the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, ‘Rocket Man’. This appeared to be a mocking reference to Kim’s recent bravado or boorish attempts to impress/ threaten various stakeholders observing North Korea.

Kim Jong-un calls Trump a dotard

Kim Jong-un responded by calling Trump a mentally deranged US ‘dotard’. English language enthusiasts in the West have tried to understand whether dotard is an actual English word which it is anyway. They have also done a small analysis on the equivalent Korean word. It seems there are two Korean words which are similar to dotard. One is Neukdari and the other is Michigwangi. North Korean official-dom typically prefers the former i.e. Neukdari. North Korea has used it on prior occasions too, especially to belittle South Koreans.

The neukdari among Nuke-daris

In India, we refer to beings/ gods/ goddesses by various means. Some of them could be as child or children of such and such father. It could also be as progeny of such  and such mother…for eg. the Pandavas are the sons of King Pandu or Kunthiputra means a son of the mother Kunthi.

Similarly we assign names to users of a particular vehicle or wielders of a particular weapon.  Goddess Durga is referred to as Sherawali (riding a Tiger). Gada-dari means someone who wields a mace (gada) like Lord Hanuman or Prince Bheem in the Mahabharata.

Returning to Trump and Kim, only a few nations have nuclear weapons or Nuke(s). Thus, we could call their respective leaders, Nukedaris. Thus to Putin jest, at a Macron level, Trump May be called a Nukedari as also the Wrong ‘un, known as Jong-un. For India, Pakistan Israel nuisance with border peace as fragile as (fine) China.

But then, the Pakistani Army is full of wrong ‘uns. Interestingly, they haven’t used the neukdari word on any Indian PM…..as yet.

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