Mithali Raj -With Love & Leela, DoRai-ght being Daughters’ Might & Ally.


With Love & Leela, DoRai-ght being Daughters’ Might & Ally.

Mithali Raj became the highest run-getter in Women’s Cricket across all formats of the game. English Charlotte Edwards whose feat she eclipsed, had been the first to surpass ten thousand runs. With her might as ally, Raj had struck a huge blow for womens’ sports in India, especially, Cricket. This Leela (divine play) is sure to help parents feel vindicated. How to DoRai-ght by daughters? A Lotte of ‘Character’/ fortitude gets developed among girls otherwise vulnerable in an unequal society. Just as a lot of boys were ‘Sachin-ed’ at birth, maybe girls would be Mithali-ed too, by their respective Leela-s and Dorai-s.   

A Hallowed Monarchy – Karma Perhaps Hollowing It Out

There may not be more erudite persons in our socio-political life (across economies/ geographies) like Shashi Tharoor. Former UN diplomat turned politician is never one to back away from showing his rich vocabulary in the Queen’s Language. This quirk is more than compensated by his reluctance to pull a punch while pointing out the Queens’ atrocities as colonizers. He still awaits the current Monarch’s apology for the despicable acts perpetrated on former colonies and its natives they treated like minions. The hallowed monarchy that hollowed out its dominions, seems to be (sadly enough) getting hollowed out from within.    

Pogonotrophy – A Premier’s Pandemic Pre-occupation?

Of more recent vintage is his public unveiling of a mostly unknown word, usually relegated to dictionaries, till it was dug up by his economist friend Rathin Roy. Pogonotrophy. He also leveraged his favourite ‘bunny’, PM Modi to explain the meaning. He ‘alleged’ uncharitably that Pogonotrophy (growing a beard) has been the Premier’s Pandemic Pre-occupation. One may only wistfully smile at the alliterative coining of words. A brain stuck in a drain, is a constant refrain.

Aamir Khan & Kiran Rao : From ‘Taare Zamein Par’, marriages may become a ‘Lagaan’ in 15 years  

Many relationships begin being a ‘lagaav’ (an emotional attachment). When the relationship is rosy, we may even see ‘Taare Zamein Par’. ‘Dil Chantha Hain’ and we become ‘Sarfarosh’ enough to venture into marriage. But soon life together seems a ‘Lagaan’ and rather than play a gentleman’s game to sort things out amicably, dialogues descend into a unhealthy ‘Dangal’. Each relationship has its ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’, but sometimes one gets a feeling of having become a ‘Ghulam’ and starts a ‘Talaash’ for something more ‘Rangeela’. Each one feels ‘Akhele Hum Akhele Tum’, but thankfully this mature couple has refrained from washing their linen in public at a ‘Dhobi Ghat’. But ‘Dil Hai Ke Maantha Nahin’ ….that no more will they coo to each other, ‘Tum Mere Ho’.