"Miss Uses State Set-up to Curb Criticism"
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SC Censures Challenges to Criticism

“Miss Uses State Set-up to Curb Criticism”: The Supreme Court of India

The Honourable Supreme Court has come down heavily on Selvi Jayalalitha for abusing the Tamil Nadu State apparatus and flouting democratic norms……especially trying to brow-beat political opponents by foisting defamation cases on them.

This observation and censuring of the Selvi may disappoint her followers, no doubt. One’s opinion is that each capable Chandragupta needs a Chanakya to counsel them properly. Guidance of the Miss should not end up in miss-guidance, in the interests of the government and the governed.

Cool Chilli’s Comments

Another observation if Cool Chilli  may make, is on the custom of adulation and hero-worship that is seen in India as a whole. This sadly degenerates into sycophancy (if not worse) in the South, especially in Tamil Nadu. The photographs of the reigning Chief Ministers in state government offices and police stations and other state government property would make most political parties raise eyebrows. Ancient Tamizhagam holds its own against the old civilizations of the world and in particular must be one of the few cultures to have its language living in the modern era. One of the traits that the Tamils themselves on (women were relatively independent minded) was their bravery, generosity and loyalty. Loyalty to the Throne and Justice/Values the occupant represented. That notion has sadly been diluted to single minded obeisance of the Occupant. The Occupants themselves may look askance. But do the mightiest of Lords in temples have any say on how their devotees choose to venerate them?

In Ending

One is reminded of two poems….One by Rabindranath Tagore and the other by Subramania Bharati.

Any other comparable work you can think of, Reader? Do let us know….

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