#MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame #SheToo Deserves Respect

#MeToo – a Totem, a Tome of our shame

We exit the womb’s watery warmth and survive thanks to her toughness

In the joy of childhood rivalry, she loses to see her sibling win

At school, she can make most squirm in her academic shadow

At high school/ college, her  effervescence leaves one’s infatuation hopeless

At University, academic scores soar despite domestic chores !!!

At work, her Dependability and Ownership are the makings of a Leader  

In courtship her tantalizing ungraspability leaves one besotted

In partnership/marriage, a die-hard Believer ….. if we ignore the hail and the lava  🙂

As co-parent, her selflessness could  madden

As daughter/ Angel, her vulnerability melts steel

Why then the circumstances behind #MeToo

In ancient days the Great Lord Shiva accepted

She is literally His half. For better than worse.

Why then the circumstances behind #MeToo 

Shall we just accept graciously, if she deems us unworthy (of attention)

Shall we just encourage, if we cannot Sponsor

Shall we just let her pass, if we cannot keep up

Shall we just admire in silence, if saluting is hard!!

Shall we just keep mum, if words are harsh

Shall we just let her BE!  

#SheToo deserves respect and love.  Not sympathy or lust.

Picture Courtesy: Shivatmika’s representation of Ardhanareeshwara