May this LOTUS POTUS-ition with Biden & Kamala usher in peace all around! Aam, Aum, Amen, Ameen


The New POTUS Takes Oath

Mr Joe Biden takes oath as the new POTUS (President of the United States). This brings the curtains down on one of the most vicious and sometimes humourous electoral battles seen in the West.

Kamala Harris, unarguably the most talked about person of Afro-Indian descent in recent times, joins Biden as the Vice-President. For those not abreast of the world’s most ancient (and still surviving) culture, Kamala means Lotus in Sanskrit.

Not Sand Script, But Sanskrit. Yes, Many Get It These Days

Gone are the days when only scholars knew of India and its ancient treasure troves in many fields of human interest/ endeavour. Even the much lesser known and more ancient Tamil (the world’s oldest known surviving language) is relatively better known these days. This is due to the power of technology to open up communication channels. Also human willingness to be open and assimilate knowledge, irrespective of the source.

Lots Of Symbolism

The Lotus also known as Padma is full of Symbolism in ancient Indian (Hindu/ Buddhist) traditions. Apart from its naturally aesthetic appeal the plant also provides nutritional and medicinal benefits. The plant typically grows in shallow/ stagnant/ muddy waters. The beautiful flower literally rises above its surroundings. Maybe this is the reason the Lotus has lent its name to the most famous Lotus POTUSition, sorry Lotus position or pose in Yoga.

Padma-asana, The Lotus Position or Pose

The Padma-asana (asana literally means seat) is believed to be very conducive for helping us rise above our circumstances (towards spiritual evolution/ enlightenment/ bliss). This seems to be one of the most favoured poses for even the wise Seers/ Rishis of ancient India.


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The Lot Is on US… Democracy’s ‘Strongest’ Franchise

The US, irrespective of its (sometimes) skewed/ self-serving interpretation of right and wrong remains a lasting symbol of the high ideals of both Democracy and Republicanism. Thus it is important that the US leads the world in doing the right thing. Sometimes it may come at a little cost to itself too.

But then in this increasingly ‘intra-connected’ world, the Golden Rule as the obvious choice of conduct has never been more needed. The world has never ‘Harris-ed’ the US on this before, but then, it can’t keep ‘Biden‘ its time. The Joe’s on US, now.